Drizlash, The Nine-Eyed Spider (homebrewed Otherworldly Patron)

So I created this subclass for the Warlock a while ago when I was playing Curse of Strahd with my group. Never really cared to put it on DMs Guild or anything, because it’s not that big of a thing, but I thought why not share it with you guys. Maybe you’ll have some fun trying it out or simply giving your opinion on it.

Origin (marked the spoiler for the adventure):

Drizlash is one of the Vestiges trapped in the Amber Temple who would, as written, give the PCs only the ability to spider-walk around.

Because one of my players wanted to multiclass into Warlock I thought it would be nice to offer him the opportunity to acquire a special Otherworldly Patron. I was also eager to create my own content at that time, so this fitted perfectly.

Mechanically, this patron basically makes you Spider-Man. You can climb on walls, shoot webs to hinder enemies and prevent a fall, inflict paralyzing poison and even gain the ability to see and travel to the Ethereal Plane like a Phase Spider.
Naturally, you also gain an expended spell list, which includes thematically fitting spells.

Bonus Question:
I bet you nerds can easily find out why this is almost, but not PHB legal, can you? :wink:

So here she is, Drizlash, the Nine-Eyed Spider (1.6 MB)

on a first glance you are talking about the spells, as one of them is from XGtE not the PHB
but as a homebrew it would not be PHB “legal” anyways :stuck_out_tongue: (especially considering the term PHB legal is not defined in any way)

100 points! :tada::tada::tada: