Drawing characters?

Hello👋 I’m kinda an artist but because of the world events I don’t have a job, so I figured I might try drawing dnd characters as a side gig. But I never did it before, so if any of you want your characters drawn I’d be happy to do it just to get some experience. Some of my previous works are on the picture

I’m sorry if it’s completely offtop


those pics look amazing, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of people who want their characters drawn, I would recommend that you do ask for some payment at least even if you do it for practice

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Thank you! But I don’t really know how to draw armor, weapons and non-human races, so I think my first try will be a disaster, I don’t want to have the pressure of being paid haha

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These are absolutely amazing!

I would like to get one. Are u around this Friday?

Thank you! :heart:

Probably yes

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Sweet, if you have time we can chat. I heard artists often accept free beverages as form of payment :wink: