DRAMA [Trivial: Failure] "Oh Hi Mark"


I moved to Vienna in October last year for my PhD, and it took some time to set up and get used to new surroundings, but I think I’m ready to get back into my hobbies so here I am!

I started playing DnD (5e) in 2020, got two IRL sessions in before covid, and it’s been online ever since. I’ve played a couple of short campaigns and one long-running one, but I think I prefer the storytelling aspect of TTRPGs over dungeon crawling, preferring to keep brawling to a minimum. So I’d love to join any alternate system campaigns more focussed on the story, or even DnD campaigns that turn down the combat a notch.

If anyone is planning to run a Disco Elysium style stat system game, I’d def be down for that as well (:


Nice to meet you! I want to run a fitd system, but until we have more players for a full game, I’m running more story based one shots in 5e on Fridays.