Dragon of Icespire Peak: looking for english speaking players

Hi, my name is Josepha, I’m 22, and I’m a first time DM looking for 2-3 more players for Dragon of Icespire Peak;

We were about to get started before the pandemic hit, but since then a bunch of people have dropped out (understandably so) which brings me here.
As a first time DM, I’m sure I will be a bit rusty at the beginning, but I’m confident enough I’ll be able to bullshit my way through any rough patches.

Once the Module is done, I would like to continue the story into a home-brew campaign, and already have some minor plans going, which will only expand once we start playing and I get to know your characters a little better. I just wanted to start with a module, to flatten the learning curve a little.

Speaking of Characters, I want this campaign to be RP heavy, so if you’re not into staying in character for the duration of the game, this might not be the group for you.

This will be an English campaign, and since all current players use English on an every-day basis I would prefer it if you also had a level of C2 as I wouldn’t want a language barrier getting in the way of fun.

I would like to host session 0 some time before the end of august, so that we can then jump straight into a weekly game for autumn, there we’ll discuss expectations, finalise characters and do the scheduling.

Before I forget, this is an LGBTQIA+ friendly group, this means absolutely no homophobia or transphobia will be accepted, neither will any kind of racism, sexism or ableism; it’s not a joke if you’re punching down.

So, If you’re interested in joining us, please tell me a little bit about yourself and a drop a couple of lines briefly describing the character you would like to play.

Hi Joespha,

I’m Isshia (John to some) and a bit of a dinosaur (well maybe predinosuar, say a Permean of Pangea :wink: ) who started dming D&D back in 1974 when there were no books, hell no boxes either yet, just zip lock baggies with a few CHEAP dice and usually about a 40 or so page pamplet. But that said I’ve DMed everything from D&D forward to 3.5, got turned off by 4th edition but am ready to try 5e if you can weather the pre-dino-storm. I’ve had very, very little time as a player over the years and would love to be one again though.

All that said I would love to play something exotic to drop all the old preconceptions, so are Aasimars or Tieflings a possibility?

Thanks for your time.


ps: If you want to try something a bit different I’m into everything from World of Darkness to Traveller to Call of Cthulhu to GURPS. But my old favorite and the last thing I GMed was Pathfinder.

pps: Sorry, one more note, I may be pre-dinosuarian but I’m also an old hippie who never sold out so you’ll never find anything about me that punches down, ever; which is enough of a departure from most of my ilk that it deserves mention.

Hello Josepha

My name is Sebastian and I’m 24 years old. I’m working as a Software engineer in a big company, so my english skills should be sufficient.
I finished my first/last campaign (Lost Mines of Phandelver) and couldn’t get together another group. I loved the concept of D&D very much and would like to get more into the role playing part, as I read so much about it, but missed it in this campaign.
I would like to try to play a righteous Paladin, because I think it would be easy to roleplay for me, as he would be pretty straight forward. I haven’t really thought about the background. I’m open for suggestions aswell, if there already is a Paladin in the party.

I Hope I will hear from you.


Hey Josepha,

my name is Lina (28). My boyfriend (Christoph, 31) and I are looking for a group since quite a while already. Technically, we’re both first time players, though with a good base knowledge of the game as well as an “intensive” background in gaming.

A few months before the pandemic hit, we were part of a motivated group, created our characters, did a first play session and so forth… Unfortunately our DM had to leave the group due personal difficulties and everything fell apart, which was a bit discouraging, to say the least. But, we’re now more motivated than ever and we would like to get into a group of people that could help us get into the game.

Overall, we’re looking for a group of friendly and open minded players that are willing to stick together for a long time as well as on a somewhat consistent schedule. While we’re not native english speakers, our “media consumption” (as well as our former/current work environment) is strictly english and we’d definitely prefer this for our group too. From a play style perspective, we’d definetly prefer a RP focused group. I’d consider us to be friendly and supportive people and we’d love to be part of your journey into DMing :slight_smile:

I hope that you’ll consider us and would love to hear from you. thanks!

ps.: we’re living in the third district close to the fourth :upside_down_face:

Hey there Josepha,

I’m Andrew/Andy and my girlfriend is Julia and we’d very much like to join your upcoming sessions.

I’m a British national who has recently moved here from outside of London and Julia is Austrian with a C2-C3 level of English - which helps, 'cause my German is awful lol.

I’ve played DnD or other RPGs since my early teens, finishing my last Call of Cthulhu campaign just before I moved here and played a home brewed DnD campaign before that.

Julia is a bit newer to DnD but is very excited to find a group and get stuck in!

We haven’t currently considered the characters - I’ll do a little reading on “Dragon of Icespire Peak” to find something fitting but I’d say we’re both pretty flexible.

Very much looking forward to hearing from you.


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