Double the V.A.L.U.E. tripple the price

Lets see if you are ready for some more insane adventures!
Im coming to play, but can also DM a T1-3 adventure.

Remember that you need a vaccination certificate or a Valid covid test.

I’m still not sure if I’ll be there this week. Hopefully I’ll know soon :slight_smile:

not 100% certain, but I’ll try to be there this time
either playing (T1-T4 characters available)
or maybe DMing (T1-T3 depending on my mood and what I’m able/willing to prepare ahead of time)

Sadly will pass for this week as I’m back to my regular Friday campaign with friends but as promised will join next week

Imagine having friends lol.
We need to bully this manmain

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– Has no friends > gets bullied
– Finally has friends > gets bullied as well


Looks like I won’t be able to come after all :cry:
Maybe next week!

I will be there and dm either a custom game or something premade not sure yet

I have time to come this week, with a T1-4 character.

Hi guys ! I’d love to come with a T1-2 character. I could bump it up to a higher tier if needed :slight_smile: Please let me know if it’s the case :wink:

I will be there too with t1 to t3 characters.

So far we are looking at 6 people dms included. I will prep a t1 adventure since that seems to be the most common ground but can switch to low t2 on a whim

Id vote for a t2. Since it seems were all experienced.

I’ll be there with T 1-3 Characters.

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I might be able to join this week… I joined once before and have a T1 Character. :slight_smile:

can make it :slight_smile:

have T1-T4 characters
don’t have a brain this week to dm something


I will show up too 5-10 Minutes late

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