DoomCarrot's Good Riddance Party

So, everyone. Um. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. Sorry, wrong speech…

Anyway, as many of you are probably aware, I’m leaving Vienna for the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, aka Luxembourg. Since the country is tiny, so are its houses, and that means I have to get rid of some things before I go…

So, you are hereby all invited to my Good Riddance Party

11th of March (Saturday) at 14:00 till whenever all the food and drink is gone.

My place is near the U4 Rossauer Lände, PM me for the address.

Things I’m giving away include:

Outdoor gear
Food (pantry staples)

Let me know if you want details.
Donations of party nibbles are welcome, but nothing that can’t be eaten with bare hands off a napkin, please!


So wait, if we keep bringing food and drink, the party never ends and you won’t leave? I see the beginnings of a plan …

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Really sorry to hear you’ll be leaving us :frowning:
But, happy to hear that you’ll be having a party before you actually do.

Me and Katta will be there. You’ve gotta get your annual ‘Neil Sighting’ points right? (that goes for everyone now I think about it! :joy:)


I should have known after you “accidentally” went to the wrong pub :cry:

It’s because you sent me to the wrong pub, my dear boy…

So, here’s a list of the bigger things I’m giving away. Feel free to comment to reserve something!

Disassembly tools for furniture can be provided.