DoomCarrot meetup this weekend

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@H glad to hear you’ve kept the plant alive, that bodes well for the kids!

I’m arriving quite late Thursday evening, and Friday afternoon/evening is when my talk is. So Saturday seems the most plausible - I’ve got pretty much all day, just spending the night at a friend’s. Who’s around and up for something? Cake? Wandering around? A game?

I’m up for any of this. I also might provide a cake and a table* to enjoy it, if needed. Wandering is fine, too. I’d suggest levelling it up to semi-hiking (Sturm-Zeit has begun and there are paths claiming to be hiking-trails in the vineyards).

*the same table is multifunctional and can also be used for gaming purposes

Crud. Saturday’s bad.

Lunch on Friday or Sunday, perhaps? Ambulatory or sedentary, either one’s good.

Friday might work, depending on which parts of this workshop I’m actually supposed to attend. Or Sunday, but I’m also meant to go out and see the godkids (my flight isn’t until 8pm, though).

Sounds good, Chylli! I just have to be at the Prater by 19:00.

Sunday, then, even though we’ll have to forgo the most expensive item competition. Can do lunch or afternoon. See you!

I’ll let you know when I can get away. Just landed in Vienna, anyway, so getting closer!

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