Doom is nigh. And seeking a group, no less!

Hello. I, as my charming/lame (pick your poison) thread title already suggests, am VonDoom. The name is of course inspired by one of my favorite comic book characters, Marvel’s Doctor Doom.

That said, I stumbled upon this board while specifically searching for a combination of the terms ‘Pathfinder’, ‘rpg’ and ‘Vienna’. Sifting through all the car advertisements with increasing frustration (I exaggerate, there weren’t that many), this board was one of the useful looking results, so here I am.

While I am originally from Vienna and haven’t spent much time in any English-speaking country, I do have a passion for reading and watching things in their original language and write a lot in English. Pretty much every day of the week, really, so I certainly wouldn’t mind actually getting to brush up on my slightly rusty talking skills while enjoying one of my favorite hobbies.

So, let’s run through some basics: I am currently 28 years old, male, located in the 16th district of Vienna and have considered myself a roleplayer since I was about twelve years old, when I happened to set my eyes on the core box of The Dark Eye/Das Schwarze Auge, 2nd ed in a toy store. A lot of nagging finally brought about a positive result and I was utterly hooked. My interests evolved when I got into the old Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption cRpG and was exposed to VtM for the first time.

Just at the right point of puberty, too, and White Wolf quickly became my favorite supplier.

But I’m getting too long-winded. I’m looking for a group that emphasizes story and characters, perhaps even with a dash of the abstract, psychological and philosophical.

Favorite Games include:
oWoD: VtM, MtA, KotE, WtO, DtF
D&D Settings: Planescape [!], Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Golarion. Ideally within Pathfinder rules or some rules-lite framework rather than regular D&D.
Scion. How can I not love a setting that delves into mythology such as this?
Star Wars: I briefly played SW d20, but would be happy to try Saga or a Custom system.

Games I want to try but have little experience with or knowledge of:
Call of Cthulhu: No experience with the system(s), but decently versed with the Mythos.
FATE-based games: Dresden Files RPG, I believe, is based on it, though I’m open to pretty much any story that interests me using this system, everything I heard about it sounds really neat.
Exalted: never really tried or read into it, but the parallels to other White Wolf games give me the impression it wouldn’t be too hard to pick up.
Changeling: The Dreaming/The Lost: I’m not too big on nWoD, but The Lost seems to have been given a much stronger horror focus treatment from what I heard and a lot of CtD games seem to drift towards the sillier aspects rather than the horror rampant in fairy tales and folklore.
Monster Hunter: Hate, hate, hate convoluted GURPS rules with a passion, but love the premise of the setting. As long as it’s run fairly light on which rules are actually used, I’d definitely be up for it.

I’m up for other stuff, too, if it sounds like something I’d enjoy. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the board!

Since some groups are currently looking for members, I’m sure you’ll find one soon. :wink:

Thank you. As it happens, I already received a very promising PM. This sure is a pleasant change of pace. :sunglasses:

Welcome to the Forums.

Welcome to the forum, I hope you find a group quick.

I recall that there was another newcomer just a few days ago, so that’s half of a group already!

Thank you both. I actually already received an invitation to a (short-term) Pathfinder game, GJsoft’s horror module Carrion Hill, which I will be participating in.

That’s not to say I’m not still interested in more of what I listed above!

Cool; congratz!