Doctor, Doctor [Trail of Chtulhu]

[color=#008040][size=180]TRAIL OF CTHULHU - DOCTOR, DOCTOR[/size][/color]

[size=129][color=#008040]Style:[/color] Personal Horror; Investigation
[color=#008040]Synopsis:[/color] You need rest - nothing to worry about.
[color=#008040]Setting:[/color] A country hospital. Massachusetts … now.
[color=#008040]Characters:[/color] … are all patients of said country hospital and need rest. That’s what the doctor said.

[color=#008040]System:[/color] TRAIL OF CTHULHU (GUMSHOE) [5 pregenerated characters]
[color=#008040]Dice:[/color] one D6[/size]







(I might be just a tad late tonight. Save me a character, please.)

Actually in too! I own a few books but I’ve yet to play. It’s also the most likely thing I’d run in future :slight_smile:

This week I will dm a japanese indie game (again)
but maybe on some other date^^

but maybe on some other date^^[/quote]

I suggest October 22, 2015.

I will be out of hearing range in Switzerland… :blush:

To cheer you up, here is the Japanese Call of Cthulhu cover I promised:

[size=150][color=#008040]“R’ylee Highschool”[/color][/size]