Do your dice roll badly?...Here's one "solution"

I told AmLash and Philipp about this and I’ve just found the post again on another forum…


:laughing: :laughing:

I have not yet seen this method. I may have to try it.


thats a little extreme xD

i just put my dices on the desk with the 1 showing up
so that they would want to show something other than the 1…i Think xD

I prefer to set them up showing the deserved side up, so that when I roll them, they know how to land.

Bazhell that’s hilarious! Welcome to the forum btw.

Franz: Also hilarious!

Roll high guys! :wink:

What do you do to roll high Neil?

Well I usually just drill a tiny hole in the “1” side and slip in a sliver of metal to weigh that side down a bit then I…oh wait…shit…this isn’t a PM is it?

Just kidding obviously!

I usually DM, so all rolls are behind a screen. THAT’s how I roll high…even when I don’t! :smiling_imp:


tell us how u handle bad Dice

[quote]I gamed with a guy in Korea who, after every gaming session, would take any dice he thought were very unlucky and set them aside. He would then spread all his other dice in a semicircle around the separated dice and make them watch while he smashed his unlucky dice with a hammer.
He was convinced that kept most of his dice in line.[/quote]

seen that one before :smiley: still hilarious though! :smiley:

it became notorious in my warhammer group a few years ago - we called it the Exemplary Execution method… but none of us ever had the verve to go through with it themselves :smiley: (too much compassion with the poor dice i guess)

Me, I’m trying to always bring more dice than I’d strictly need to any game I’m in. That way, I can exchange them when they get ‘tired’, i.e. if and when it seems their mojo is all but spent.
Then a new shift of dice gets used until those get tired of rolling high - and the others hopefully have recuperated by then :slight_smile:

Also, in games like Warhammer, where you make successive rolls with the same dicepool (as in: your successful to-hit rolls become to-wound dice for example), I do not use the ones that have rolled high already (unlike most people who just gather up the successful hit dice and make the wound rolls with those), but rather use those who failed that first time, giving them another chance to succeed on the follow-up roll.

I guess I’m a believer in “every die has its own statistical chances” as opposed to considering them as a pool. Even though, mathematically, I know that is nonsense. At least in such small amounts of rolls as your average game has you make :wink:
But hey, we’re gamers - we’ll take any minute advantage we can grab! :smiley:

From time to time when I roll crap I start making fun of the results or dice respectively. I’m not sure, but I think they feel bad after a while and give me better rolls cause they’re embarrassed in front of their fellow dice friends.

I never roll bad. My dice are far too intimidated by me to allow themselves to make a horrible roll.

Poor dice have seen too much. Too much.

I once had a player who rolled so badly I let him choose his die rolls for the rest of the evening.

He still failed quite a bit… :smiley: