Do you wanna V.a.l.u.e 23.10.20

So quick Question because no one opened a topic . How many people wanna play dnd today ?

I’d love to ! But is it even possible?

If we would be less than 6 shouldn’t be a problem on 1 table

I have lecture till 20 o’clock again. So afterwards, earliest 20:30, I could come to play. Because of this I didn’t start e thread earlier.

So if there is a game and place free I would come

I mean I would have something prepared , and there are a lot of other games there soo I would say if we have a 3rd player this would be better .

Yeah I think we should get at least 1DM and 3 players

For my part I would just go there drink a beer if u guys wanna join and play something.

Ok I’ll come. I should be there at circa 20:30 too

I’ll also come, maybe @KKevin could still run his adventure.

Okay if everybody there I will also give you an spontaneous visit … see you later

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I’ll be there at 20:40

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