Do you know of a place to play? (in person)

Hey Everyone,

I have a DnD group, but we are having… difficulties finding a place to play. Do you know of places where we can go and play, or spaces that you can rent for a day, something like that?


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Cafe 1070 usually is very welcoming to players (some consumption recommended), but currently only open until 22:00

I sadly don’t really know any affordable publicly available spaces for gaming, but I’m sure some of the others will chime in


If you’re brave and don’t fear D&D’s most dreaded monster, there are some truly delightful spots:


well …
as @H I would suggest rpg-ing outside
(and Türkenschanzpark is great :+1: )
(RPG Systems that are rules-light excel in this obviously)
or at least at a privat location with testing everyone before, if you are forming a support bubble

or online:
Discord with a solid bot plus Owlbear.Rodeo cannot beat rpg-ing in RL,
but it’s at least close

but since you asked and I kinda expect that my suggestions above are ignored … ^^

recently someone on Discord was also looking for a place to rpg for their group
and found the Tympanum
… keep in mind I don’t know anything about said location, but it seems that this had worked out for them so far … maybe it would work out for you as well?

else what @Tersidian said:
Café 1070 is a great, veggy friendly place
music a bit too loud for me sometimes (that’s my only complain)

have fun playing & take care :slight_smile:


Yes, we were waiting for warmer days to play outside.

Normally, in the pandemic years I have been directing online. Mainly using a combination of a videoconference software (Zoom, Webex, etc), Roll20 and DnDBeyond… working very good. But mainly with people in different places of the earth. Now that we have a party with only players based in Vienna (and surroundings) playing in person comes to the table, but to be honest, in my case (and I am the DM anyway) not until the Omicron peak passes (and apparently data suggests there would be a second peak of Omicron).

Thank you for the suggestions! we are finding different options!

and well, loud music or environmental sound is always “problematic”, but I guess if we decide on a bar, eventually we will have to adapt. Outside seems the best option… and other private options also that now they are appearing.

Thank you also @Tersidian !! for the 1070 suggestion!