DnD5e Open game V.A.L.U.E Friday @1070 welcome one, welcome all!

As per usual, please announce your coming and tier of play. I will play T2 preferred, T3 T1 availible.

Wont be able to come this week, will be moving furniture, wishing I was moving minions!

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Already feeling better will join again with a T1/T2 char. If possible prefer to play T2

I’ll probably be there with T1-T3 characters, though I would prefer to play T2.

I’ll be there for a t1

I’ll be there with tier 2 characters.

Party of three (My sons&friend) got hooked last Friday and would like to attend again, all of them T1!

I will be there with either a t1 or t2 adventure depending on what I actually end up deciding on

Pfeifer and I would like to play at @cat4laugh 's table. Just tell us which tier you’ll bring :grin:

Won’t make it this week, company Xmas party. Drinking sparkling wine with collegues while being fancy; would much rather drink beer with you guys while being nerdy. I would very much appreciate it if you smashed some goblin heads and made a bunch of inappropriate comments in my honor.

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I’ll be there with T1/2/3 character.

I would like to play but if no other DM except cat4laugh I’ll bring some T1 adventure.

Get used to it xD We are never able to go back fully

Gonna come to play. Like michi said I would like to play at your table @cat4laugh

Sorry, Im not able to come this week. so no DM save from me.

For @pfeifer and @Michi

I have one t1 and a t2 already available but I am looking to bring an interesting T2 adventure for which I would prefer if all people were level 5 for anyone who would want to join

I’ll be at @cat4laugh 's table, can bring t1 or t2

I would like to join your table with the character I played last session. So do I need to make him Lv5 again now, since we got a Level up last session and he is Lv6 now? (4 warlock, 2 paladin)

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I haven’t read through the entire thing yet but I believe that it should be fine. I will let you know in the next 24 hours if something shouldn’t be

I will be there with a t1 and t2 character

Leave a t2 spot for lil ol me:)