Dnd newbie here


My name is Ari and I got interested in playing rpgs fairly recently. Sadly I only had the chance to play dnd for a few hours on the internet so far, so I don’t have much experience and I didn’t have much luck in finding another group to play with either. I read there is a weekly meetup so I will probaly try to go there sometime (and maybe drag my brother along)



We have quite a few games of D&D 5 running right now…
Maybe one group will have room for you?

I know that @Alrik was talking about starting yet another game, so maybe you could join this one when it starts?

If that takes too long, I can always run a one shot for you to get your fix… And I suspect @Thopthes could be convinced to run some Pathfinder (which is essentially D&D 3.75)…


Thank you :blush:

How do I find games that are open for new players here and join them? I was looking around a bit but didn’t quite figure it out.

These happen when someone decides to GM a group, and last until that group fills up — approximately a day*. Until then, you are absolutely welcome to the open gaming night.

*I may be exaggerating slightly

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So we have a fairly regular game on Thursday. It is mostly a series of one shot to try various game system nad has been D&D and similar a few times. It is also a great place to meet people and set up a more regular campaign. Several of our D&D campaign started there…

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Thanks again! I think I will just try to come on a thursday and figure things out from there on.

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Sounds like a good option