DnD at 1070 this week (Fri 7th)?

Happy new year to all!

Is there Friday game this week at 1070 cafe? It should be open already. Would be happy to DM if needed.


I might join - looking forward to play with you guys again! Just not sure yet if I will have another session on this day.

Yeah sounds totally cool ^^ I’d be up for it

Lets see if few more players sign up. Have nice christmas-themed adventure for tier2 which I can downgrade to tier1 if needed :slight_smile:

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I’ll be up for it - been out of it for so long so quite keen to get back in again :grin:

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Cool, so far we have:

in superposition:

I think with 3+ players we are ready to go! I’ll bring Tier1 adventure along. 6 pm as usual.

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Tier 2 is fine too, I guess :smiley: Also, I am now sure that I can come!

Would love to join but i have only three tier 1 lvl 3 chars ready ^^"

Seems that most players are Tier1, so I’ll bring along a Tier1 game.

Also, it was pointed out to me that places have to close by 10 pm. I would encourage your guys to come a bit ealier (myself I will come by 5:30 pm) so we can kick off the adventure at 6.

Cheers and looking forward tomorrow

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I don’t know if I can make it at 6, unfortunately, am just leaving the tennis court… It could be that I am like 15 to 20 minutes late…

I’d be in as a player if there is still space, whichever tier it ends up being. Cato might join in as well, depending on her schedule.

Finally DnD is back in season! I missed you guys!

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Now I see why people put date into heading. The post was for the last week Friday unfortunately. Still trying to figure out if I would have time this Friday.

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