DnD 5e open games@ cafe Zehnsiebzig :To utter the words to shape the universe around us

As usual, lets announce ourselves for an after festive session. Ill come to play T2 maaaybe DM T2.

27th suits me: I’ve got my T1, just need 1 more session to get to T2…

I will come to play tier 2 again.

i plan to be there, most likely bringing a T1/T2/T3 character, maybe i’m motivated over the holidays and prepare an adventure though, will post again once i know

Hello everyone, my name is christian and i would like to join your d&d session on the 27.12 if possible. I have some experience in 5.e and would be happy to join your quests! :blush:

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be there.

Have T1/2/3 character and probably a T1 adventure prepeared.

Update, so that the old and the new topics are not confured for each other:)

I should be free in the 27th. I could run “how orcus stole christmas” if anyone is interested.


I would be interested to play that (lv5 character) :wink:

Alright, I’ll prepare How Orcus stole Christmas. Its for level 3-5 according to the adventure. Its not AL legal (obviously) so you can’t keep magic items you find for other AL games. Just wanted to make sure i state that beforehand. If the other DMs are okay with my players getting a levelup after the game they will, otherwise not :slight_smile:

T1/T2 here again!

If it is a Dms guild adventure, you just need to discuss the rewards with 1 other Value DM and it will be allowed.

Its a Koboldpress 5E Adventure from a HumbleBundle. Not on DMs Guild. We could discuss the rewards thing on friday before the games start.

Btw, I got my 3d printer running again, so if someone wants a resin mini print, link/send me STLs.

will be there playing t1/t2

not too much turnout this time (to be expected to be honest :slight_smile: )

i think i’ll pass this time then, have fun and enjoy yourselves

list so far:

  1. Resil T1/T2/T3 (maybe DM T2)
  2. healywp T1
  3. Semako T2
  4. CHR T1
  5. joeder T1/T2/T3 (maybe DM T1)
  6. Mourni DM levels 3-5 (How Orcus stole Christmas)
  7. CriticalMaxim T1/T2
  8. Kenta T1/T2

I’ve only played one VALUE game before and it was quite fun. So I’d like to join you tonight. My character is Level 2, so it’s T1 I guess. But I’m not quite sure yet how to actually get my character into one of the games. Last time I created my character on the spot and then looked around pitifully, until someone told me to take a seat at one of the tables ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Most of the time, DMs announce when they’re DMing here in the topic. And feel free to talk to people at the location, they’re all nice, you don’t need to be afraid that you suddenly must roll a saving throw against being frightened or something… :wink:

If someone could bring a spare dm screen with them that would be lovely. I forgot mine at home. Woopsie. :slight_smile:

You guys can recognize me by my super blonde hair (bleached).

I’ll be joining with a T1 character if that’s alright :smile:

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