[DnD 5e] DM looking for players. FULL

Hi I’m Simon and new here.
I am looking for 2-3 players for a campaign I’am going to dm.
I have a homebrew world where 2 groups already played.

Sadly as so often, a campaign which i ran for a year dispersed when players left. Now it is just me and another player.
I would like to find new players, which want to join this ongoing campaign.

Some information about the game:

  1. We played in german, but i don’t mind changing it to english if necessary.
  2. I will try to play weekly/biweekly depending on how our schedules match up.
  3. The game will be on Discord with a free VTT (OwlbearRodeo).
  4. New players would start at level 7.
  5. The game is highly player driven and focused on backgrounds and player chosen quests
  6. The players actions and outcomes of quests are reflected in the world
  7. Players new to DnD 5e are always wellcome

Information on the homebrew setting:

  1. The game is based in a single city with longer adventures outside of it.
  2. Elves are from another dimension which was just discovered.
  3. Adventurers work within a guild and form groups.

If you have any questions just ask me here on via Discord on RPG Vienna (SirSimon).
I have more information about the setting, which i can provide to you, before you decide to join.
If you are interested write me a message here or dm me.


I’d be interested

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Nice! Do you want some information? If yes, do you need it in english?

yes ,preferably in english

Hi, I would like to join! Is there still some room left?

Sounds fun!
I’d be interested! :slight_smile:

I’d also like to join… Seems like it’s a lot of players already.

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