[DnD 5e] DM looking for players [Full]

Hey I’m Bufo/Sophie (25 she/her) and I’m looking for 3-4 players for a campaign I’m going to dm.
I’m still undecided what I’m going to dm and the options are either:

  • Odyssey of the Dragonlords (A prewritten 5e adventure which is high fantasy epic greek style with a save the world plot)
  • An Adventure in my homebrew world (You start as passengers of a ship with mysterious cargo traveling in a trade and pirates region, with the backdrop of political tensions of the local superpowers.)

What we are playing depends on the wishes of the players, I’m open to both things.
As a dm I have dm’ed for about two years now mostly one shots. I like roleplay and investigative adventures. In V.A.L.U.E I have run a small investigative mini campaign in the Eberron setting. However here I want to try new things and attempt a whole campaign now. Maybe there will be difficulties but there always are.

Some more infos

  • We will play in English as I’m used to it
  • This is not first come first serve
  • We will play in-person
  • There might be homebrew, (If I look through it first)
  • I will try to play weekly/biweekly depending on how our schedules match up.
  • If possible we start around November as I’m too busy before that.

If you have any more questions just ask me here or via the RPG Vienna Discord (BufoBufo). If you are interested write me a message here or dm me.


:dragon: :sailboat:


(If I can find time :slight_smile: )

p.s: like both ideas

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Ooooh yes! I would also be in if you’ll have me :tada: both ideas sound very interesting to me :hugs:

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Would be very interested aswell!!! I would have no preference which campaign as both sound really fun!

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As @Darthbinks i would be interested if my schedule is compatible. Like also both ideas with just a little fav for the first because love Greek style but would also love or see what you come up with.

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I’d also be interested in playing in a longer campaign again. :slight_smile:
Depending on schedules and stuff just like Leo and Patrick said :v:
Am a sucker for greek mythology. :greece: But your own thing also sounds very enticing :pirate_flag:

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Alissa here (26 she/her) and would be interested in joining either of those options!

Personally really into tables with a lot of roleplay :slight_smile:

Of course depending on schedules, but bi-weekly should easily be possible on a consistent basis.

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Hallo! I’m very interested as well. :blush:
I’m Anne (she/her, 29), I’ve played a few dnd games and tried DMing for some friends, but it’s been a while. I’d really like to start playing again though. I think both campaigns sound super interesting and fun.

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@Darthbinks @Jackfruitchilli @Martin @Stracci @Anne @alli.b @PatrickD @Bachmut @cotton
Sorry for pinging everyone
Looks like we have a lot of people now. I would like to make a short online meeting where we can talk about scheduling (as most people seem to be dependent on that) and what people want. and then when I can decide about the group. Would this Wednesday evening (~8pm) work for you?

Generally I want a fixed date so that there are no confusions and that makes it easier for me to schedule. Mondays and Saturdays, and Fridays don’t work for me. Maybe think about what days and times work for you.

Thanks for your interest and see ya :slight_smile:

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Works for me! See you Wednesday :v:

(Would prefer loosely bi-weekly, can do Wednesday and Thursday evenings)

Hey! This Wednesday won’t work for me sadly. Can offer this eve, thursday, friday, sat or sunday for a call though.

With scheduling I am rather flexible. Got your usual 9-5 job and run a bi-weekly campaign myself on thursdays and participate in a bi-weekly campaign on saturdays. I am all for a fixed day, would just prefer bi-weekly over weekly. people tend to all be excited about weekly, until they actually realise what it means to keep it free and then can’t come half the sessions :sweat_smile:


Would this Wednesday evening (~8pm) work for you?

works :+1: :slight_smile:

Should work for me

I’m already busy this Wednesday, unfortunately. But I agree on a fixed weekdays and maybe bi-weekly. I can offer Wednesdays, Thursdays (from 5/6 pm), and Sundays (afternoon-ish) for regular meetups.

If you want to start in November, I’ll have to warn you that we’re on holiday from 19.11-9.12. But if we can get a session or two in before that, we would only miss one session :slight_smile:

@Stracci says “hi and me too” :grin:

Works for me

Edit: is 9pm okay too?

Both Ideas sound very good, it might even be possible to combine both ideas into one campaign :thinking: ?
I would love to play in a more role play/narrative driven campaign but It seems I am too late :frowning:

If for any unrealistic reason you do not have enough players, let me know :wink:

Omg. OotD is bonkers and maritime adventure…I would love to join. As always, it’s a timing issue. I try to be free on Friday evenings. Can’t be there tomorrow unfortunately. Maybe you can post here what times and dates suit you best after the meeting tomorrow.

Hi, I am also interested. Tomorrow I could come to the meating, but without video. I like the first option

For the talk on Wednesday please join the [link redacted]


Hello, can I also join the meeting? Id love to be a part of your games time to time. (27)