[DnD 5e] DM looking for 3-4 players - beginner friendly!

Hi there,

I’m Arsalan (30, he/him), and I wanted to run an adventure for people in the Forgotten Realms!

We will be starting with an adventure called Lost Mines of Phandelver, a beginner-friendly module that’s great at showing what D&D is all about: exploring fun places, meeting interesting townsfolk, and fighting bad guys. After that, we’ll be moving onto an adventure of my own making.

No previous experience with D&D is necessary - I am happy to help out newer players :slight_smile:

But I will ask that you be 25+, comfortable speaking in English, and generally confident with regard to your own voice. It’s more fun when everyone is interacting with the world, and each other!

Some Admin stuff:

  • Day and time is not yet set in stone, but sessions will most likely take place on weekends.
  • Starting at level 3.
  • We will use DnDBeyond for character sheets, and Roll20 for maps.

If interested, please apply here: https://forms.gle/xMnTYR1rj2jni7YJ9

Thanks for checking this out, looking forward to hearing from you!

I just realized the form had been closed, that’s my bad. I’ve re-opened it!

Hi there!
I would be interested. I am not a newbie and also DM for 5e. :blush:
However, i am not from Vienna, so a in-person game is not possible for me. (If that is a problem)

I’ve signed up, my Discord is Nyarly

This group has now been filled. Thank you to all who applied!

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