DnD 5E Campaign looking for 1 additional player


1 of the campaigns i’m dming is currently looking for 1 more player to fill up after some players had to leave due to outside influence

We usually play on weekends, sometimes during the week if i’m on vacation or there is an holiday, but all playdates are found by using doodle. The next game is scheduled for either August 18th or 26th, depending on availability of the new player.
We handle campaign notes and other organizationl stuff in discord, so if that’s a no go for you, you know now :smiley:

The campaign is a high power/high magic type campaign. Any more details would be sorted out in pm/person/discord/whatever.
Character would need to be level 5 (creations details: see the line above :stuck_out_tongue:)

So anybody interested, preferable available on 1 of the 2 dates mentioned above, please post here or shoot me a message.

I’d Be interested :smiley:

And I would have time on the 18th!

alright, that was faster than i expected :smiley:
spot is taken, will open a new topic if another one opens up in the future

Aww, man, why am I always too late for these things :smiley:

I’ve been looking for a group to play with on weekends for ages, since I always have to DM for the group I’m running with during the week.

Oh well, maybe something will open up in the future : )

And until then you can read : https://www.lfg.co :slight_smile:

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