DND 3 session campaign

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I’ll host a wow based DND5e campaign on the next 3 Wednesdays. Looking for 1-3 additional players that aren’t familiar with world of warcraft.

We’re playing a story in and around one of the dungeons, combat heavy, some house rules. Start at lvl 8

If it’s needed/wanted I’ll continue this campaign or start a fresh one in the same setting.

Ich werde die nächsten 3 Mittwoche eine in azeroth basierte mini Kampagne leiten. Dazu suche ich noch 1-3 Spieler die mit world of warcraft nicht(oder kaum) vertraut sind.

Gespielt wird die Story um ein Dungeon herum und das Dungeon selbst, Combat heavy, ein paar House rules werden dabei sein.

Beginn auf Level 8.

Wenn dann Bedarf besteht kann auch eine längere Kampagne daraus werden.

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Hi @Takanari :slight_smile:

… although a bunch here can speak German fluently, this is still mostly a Forum for finding groups in English
should you look for a German speaking group we have made a sticky post in the past to help:

:point_right: some-links-for-people-specifically-looking-for-german-speaking-groups

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Didn’t pay attention when posting it… It’s English now

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have fun in Azaroth and good rolls :game_die:

Still looking for players. For clarification: main reason for house rules will be to make combat faster

Hi Takanari,
would love to play but I am not available this Wednesday.
Do you play in person in Vienna?
If you would start next week, I could and would join you :slight_smile:

We start this Wednesday but given the low responses so far it’s probably still possible to join in on the second session (story wise it’s reasonable)
We play in person in Vienna at my place

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