DMs Guild and Free Shit

Hey everyone! As some of you know, I occasionally publish stuff on DMs Guild, the official licensed website for third-party content for D&D.

So far, that has mainly been short adventures of 1-3 sessions. Now that some people in the group seem to have moved away from Adventurers League, maybe there is a thirst for such adventures! I would be happy to provide any of my products to prospective DMs, for free.

You can check out my stuff here:

Here is a short summary of what I have available (more to come):

  • Wolpertinger, Wererat - Well! A short city adventure (2-4 h playtime) for tier 1 (levels 1-4), rather simple and linear, but with some fun twists. There’s constructs, creepy children, a mad gnome - and many rats ^^ This is currently a Silver Bestseller on DMs Guild (about top 5% of all titles).
  • Old Olga and Young Yvonne. A mini-sandbox adventure (6-12 h playtime) for tier 1 (levels 1-4), set in a remote village plagued by mysterios happenings - animals vanishing and reappearing gutted, fields blighting, etc. There’s lots to explore in and around the village, mysteries to uncover and allies (or foes) to make. This is currently an Electrum Bestseller on DMs Guild (about top 3% of all titles).
  • The Lamenting Lighthouse. A nautical adventure (4-8 h playtime) for tier 2 (levels 5-10), essentially a dungeon crawl, but in an unusual location and with some unique foes. There’s lots and lots of undead, a little mystery to solve, some original magic items to find etc. This is currently a Platinum Bestseller on DMs Guild (top 1% of all titles).

If you are interested in DMing any of that, please contact me via PM and I will tell you how to get access (you essentially only need an account on DMs Guild and I need to know the e-mail address you use with that account). I only ask that you do not re-upload this anywhere and only use it for your private games. I’d be happy about a review that you leave on DMs Guild (and I prefer an honest one over a good one - maybe the two come together, but that’s up to your level of enjoyment ^^), but that’s by no means a requirement. I’d also be extremely happy to hear from you personally about how you enjoyed these adventures, what you liked or didn’t like!

If you haven’t checked out DMs Guild yet or don’t know what it is - I highly recommend you give it a visit! Any aspiring author can upload stuff there, using all official D&D 5E content. That openness means, of course, that there is also some rather unpolished stuff - but there are some genuine gems there as well. Don’t believe it? Several of the bestselling authors there have been picked up by Wizards of the Coast as writers for official D&D 5E content - most recently, M.T. Black has been one of the main writers on Descent Into Avernus (the most recent D&D 5E adventure), and many of the Adventurers League modules are written by people discovered via DMs Guild. And I honestly believe that some of their best work is not in official D&D books or Adventurers League modules, but in their third-party products on DMs Guild!

So I hope you check out DMs Guild and let me know if you want to DM any of my adventures - cheers!


Already bought them :blush:
Looking very much forward to running them at some point :+1:

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I hope you’ll have fun - let me know how it went! :smiley:

Hi - am running a house campaign with PCs currently poking about a wizards tower within a large, chaotic homebrew city; 2 of my 3 PCs are newbies and Wolpertinger, Wererat - Well! sounds like just the thing for a follow on for them - is it strongly tied to Waterdeep or would it be easy to retrofit to a similarly high-fantasy city?

The setting for “Wolpertinger, Wererat - Well!” is very flexible! So long as the city has a well, it will fit in. :slightly_smiling_face: I just placed it in Waterdeep because of “Waterdeep: Dragon Heist” ^^ If you want it, just hit me up with your DMs Guild account’s e-mail address in a PM! :slightly_smiling_face:

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