DM Wall/Screen or room embellishment for free

Dear RPG-Vienna-community, long time, no see, no post. :slight_smile:

This is a offer to anybody, who is interested in a bit too high and maybe too clunky but robust - if the party goes wild - DM Screen, which I finished last year.

As you can see, it consists of three plates. They are linked to another with four brass hinges. One on top and one on the bottom of each connection. They holding it pretty thight and well together. The measures are as followed:

1 mainboard: length 48 cm, height 34 cm, width 1,5 cm
2 sideboards: lenght 24 cm, height 34 cm, width 1,5 cm

The colors are acrylic colors, which were painted over with colorless varnish at the end, in order to guarantee that the colours will take no damage or break of the wood. I used more acryl, than I thought I would, so the paintcoat is pretty thick, so that you can open it not the full way, but it is more than enough to use it.

It has also four holes. You can stick wooden sticks in it. On them you can hang papersheets with holes. So four wooden sticks come with the DM Wall.

For the Front Page I used the draconic letters and german words. It means (about ): Dreams of another worlds

The yellow sideboard with the black star: Hebraic letters (haschemesch hametah); meaning: The dead star (I didn´t meant it to be a wink on Star Wars; also because I am more of a Trekkie :v)

The dark-red sideboard; also with hebraic letters:
Left above: My word (mila scheli)
Right bottom: is the law (hachok)
Right above: The King
Left bottom: is red.(well it should mean: The red king, (or more like King Crimson) but I forgot the definite article, not my only failure I think)

Again: It is for free. It is quite far away from perfect, but I would gladly see it in good hands.

LG Warkrogg


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If you no longer want it, I promise to give it a good home. :slight_smile:

Amazing work @Warkrog. You should sell it IMHO

Super! :slight_smile:

When can I hand it over to you? This week my calender is quite full, but next week it is quite blank. Whenever you can.

Thank you! I also think, that it is quite nice for the eye.

Nevertheless you can tell it, that it was not that well thought out and has some issues, Also because I had not the best work conditions and tools for it. And therefore I don´t mind to give the screen away.