DM still looking for players


I’m planning a small campaign until (excluding)October and looking for players.

The rough idea is about half of the sessions for learning about a dungeon and traveling there and the other half exploring the dungeon itself.

My games are usually (loosely) based on the world of warcraft because there are a lot of settings to explore.

For this, I invite to a session 0 on Wednesday 2nd of August at my place(via DM) or, if anyone feels uncomfortable, at a public place. I’m looking for 4-6 players of any age or gender.

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I am interested but I am out of the country next week

So if you get your 4-6 players without me go ahead, otherwhise I would be able to join later If thats possible

Seems possible. Do you have any topics you want/don’t want to see?

I am prepared for anithing

I never played WoW so Iam just awaiting wats happening

Hey, I’m still looking for some more players!

that sounds cool.

I never played before (no idea about the rules yet and character creation) and would like to ask if it is beginner friendly or do you look for experienced players.


I’m happy to also invite beginners. Currently we are two players that don’t have time tomorrow, but if you want we can meet up, create a character and talk a bit about the campaign setting.
The other two didn’t give a lot of input and are “fine with anything”

If you’re still looking, I would love to join!

Yeah cool i would be down for that :slight_smile:

Ok. Then I’ll see you tomorrow and I’ll send you a DM with the address

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@DoNotDisturb let’s do it later. @Entrama is getting off work later so 18:30 seems reasonable. Is that ok with you?

Yep, that works!

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My offshore stay unfortunatly semes to get extendet, material we need for our work that should have arrived yesterday has not been delifered due to a failioure in customes documents and will likley arrive on sunday

Therfore I likley wont be availible for another week

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so shall we just create a standard char at lv 1 or anithing we need to account for

Since I’m getting progressively more sick, I will have to cancel for today :sneezing_face:. Sorry for the short notice - In the morning it felt like just some light not-enough-sleep-headache but it seems to be getting worse :cold_sweat:

If possible, I would still join the campaign itself.

Ok. We’ll figure it out

If you want to join this campaign please join the discord for easier communication

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