DM/Player eager to... start over!

Guten Tag, Hello, et Bonjour à tous, bien sûr,

after 6 month in Vienna, I finally finished a PhD I started in France (in an Engineering School, albeit I studied Political Science & Cultural Management in the first place) and I have the time to think about my desire to play…

My name is Melchior (really), 28 yo, and I am French. I came to Vienna because my french-austrian girl has a job here, and I am looking for a job here to.

Regarding RPG, I am both GM & player, but I must confess that I have a slight preference for the GM’s office. I used to play quite a lot in France, but my PhD made I was a bit unable to have regular sessions during the past 2 years… so I devoted myself to do other things regarding the RPG universe : I was secretary of an association in Nice (Nizza), organised the RPG activities in french games festivals, wrote some scenarii & reviewed friends’ games. I also organised the last edition of a RPG creation contest lately (very lately, it ended last week-end)… so I kept doing things linked to RPG, but few actual game sessions.

I also like painting & playing miniatures, even if I am very new to this. I play Dystopian Wars, SMOG, Eden, and would like to start Legend of the Old West.

I have no problem in understanding English, but I lack a bit of practice in speaking (dreadful French accent, hello !), I start learning German (absolute beginner…) and I can play in French without problem, I think…

Quite a long presentation… sorry. :smiley:

Hi Melchior!

welcome to the forum : )

If you looking for a group visiting the indie rpg guys at Spielbar on a Thursday night is a good idea.


And Happy Birthday! (if the forum is right)

Welcome Melchior! Cool name by the way :slight_smile: could you tell us a bit more about the scenarios you’ve written? Sounds interesting.

The forum is right, and thanks !

I write scenarios mostly for RPG conventions, like the one in Cannes (International Game Festival), and precisely the RPG tournament there. In 2013, I wrote 2 scenarios for Mississippi, a French game about music and the fight against the devil in the south of the US during the 1920’s. It is a bit like Call of Cthulhu, but less oriented on research and fear and closer to “O-Brothers”-like movies. One of the scenarios should be published in a French game magazine, but it is not done yet. The second one was probably better and the illustrator of the game wanted it published, but I didn’t corrected it yet.

I also worked with the authors of Shaan, a 1996 game currently undergoing a re-publishing process (Shaan Renaissance)in France. It is a game on a different planet, Heos, where a great civilisation was crushed following the arrival of humans there. In the 1996 game, the first inhabitants suffer from the humans’ rule, live in ghettos, etc (the author, Igor Polouchine, lived in Africa, and he took his inspiration from the history there). The 2014 version of the game takes place 20 years later, after the revolution by the heossian population and the end of the humans’ theocratian regime.

I work on a 4 scenario campaign linking the first and second edition of the game. I did the first two scenarios, and the authors do the last two. The first scenario was published in a French magazine recently (Di6dent), the rest will be published online…

And I am currently working on 2 scenarios for the 2014 International Game Festival : one for Mississippi, and the second scenario of a diptych for Call of Cthulhu taking place in the south of France and North Africa…

[The links are in French, I didn’t find anything in English…]

If you looking for a group visiting the indie rpg guys at Spielbar on a Thursday night is a good idea.[/quote]

Forgot to answer you :frowning:
I probably will very soon. Perhaps not today, but the next probably.

and very awesome name indeed
also happy birthday from me
and i hope you will find what you search for

Thanks !

Bienvenue and Happy Birthday!

The systems you mention are not known to me, but I’m willing to try playing in french again. Last time was 1998 at the Université Paris Dauphine. My French has got better since then, so I might manage!




I guess it will be easier to play in English, since it seems we are only 3 french-speaking players… Anyway, I will be happy to present the games I hae & to prepare some sessions of these :smiley:

@ Auburney : here some of my pictures from China… … directlink