DM looking to host new DSA 4.1 group

Hello everybody,

my name is Mate, I am 24 and I want to create a new DSA 4.1 group to play regularly (ideally weekly or bi weekly). I have two years of experience in DSA 4.1 and one year as a DM but my group loves my campaign so far.
I can offer my home to play (there is enough room, it’s in the second district) and I would also take care of all the other stuff necessary (helping players create characters, looking at group balance, etc.)

Ideally the group would be between 2 and 5 players (exluding myself). I am open to any settings withing DSA 4.1 and would create a custom campaign for the group.
The only important things for me are open, friendly players and that the group (characters) fit together. So for example a praios devotee and black wizard in the same group would be a no go.

I am also open to join an already established group, if you are looking for a DM.

All the best,

Hallo Mate!

Hätte nicht gedacht dich hier auf der Suche nach einer Gruppe zu finden :wink: Reden wir am Samstag drüber was du dir so vorstellst. Vielleicht find ich ja noch Platz in meinem Kalender!


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Hello there,

I know of DSA, or The Dark Eye as it’s known to us non-Germans :slightly_smiling_face:
I have played the video games mostly, namely Drakensang and I found it to be a very good game. I am always keen to try new games, especially roleplaying ones. My experience lies with D&D, Pathfinder, Star Wars and a touch of Shadowrun. I am also trying my hand in creating my own game/world but that is neither here nor there.

What you are proposing sounds interesting. My only concerns:

  • My German is limited to : Ein kalt bier, bitte. So that would need to be taken in consideration.
  • I have browsed through the general rules and are not afraid of dipping my toes in unfamiliar waters, however I have no experience with DSA, besides the Drakensang games.

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