DM looking for players to conquer WFRP together


Long-time D&D player & an occasional DM here.

I’ve been looking into Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) system and I would like to try it out before I decide whether to convert the campaigns for it to D&D 5e (I love the Warhammer Old World setting itself).

WFRP summary
  • it’s a nice mix of Tolkienian fantasy (elves, dwarves, etc) with a good amount of trope-busting and genre-defying aspects, and of course a bit of grimdark (it is Warhammer after all.) It typically doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  • One difference between D&D and WFRP is that in D&D it is: look there is a troll, let’s run over and kill it; In WFRP it is: look there is a troll, let’s run before it kills us.

A short video about the system itself for the uninitiated: Review: Warhammer Fantasy RPG 4th Edition - YouTube

I’d be interested in running the starter set adventure with premade characters to learn the mechanics as a group, playing live on a weekly or bi-weekly period. If that goes well, I would run another short campaign or three with players making their own characters. And see where it goes from there.

If this piques your interest, do let me know and we can talk some more about it!

P.S. I am a 27yo Guy, and everyone is welcome! As I pointed out, we will be learning the game together :smiley:

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Sounds interesting, I´d be happy to join!

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Would be interesting!

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I am interested as well

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I am glad to hear that! Please send me your Discord / Whatsapp in the DM to talk some more about it and arrange stuff :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting, would love to try it out! :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I’d also be interested to purge some rats, chaos or heretics :).

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It looks like we have a complete party already!

I would like to play with 4 to 5 players max, but if anyone else is interested do not hesitate to contact me or leave a message here, experience tells that there will always be some adjustments before the group settles :slight_smile:

@aweirdwaffle @RobinInTheHood can you guys also leave your discord / whatsapp here or in the DMs, Ill reach out soon for us to arrange a sesh 0

My Discord is [blank] :slight_smile: (edited)

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Hi! I would be interested as well, replying just in case the party has a free slot again.

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feel free to leave me your whatsapp/discord in the DMs and Ill keep you posted in case a spot pops up :slight_smile:

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