DM looking for Players [Full]

Hey I’m Bufo/Sophie (26 she/her) and I’m looking for 1-2 players for a campaign I’m going to dm. I will soon finish a campaign I have on fridays and plan to do less VALUE meetings (hopefully). I’m still undecided what I’m going to dm and the options are either:

  • Odyssey of the Dragonlords :dragon: (A prewritten 5e adventure which is high fantasy epic greek style with a save the world plot. I’m running this right now, so I would actually prefer to play something else.)

  • An Adventure in my homebrew world :sailboat: (You start as passengers of a ship with mysterious cargo traveling in a trade and pirates region, with the backdrop of political tensions of the local superpowers. Themes of archaeology, political tensions, in a rebuild(ing) world)

  • Curse of Strahd :man_vampire: (A gothic horror campaign, where you try to fight the darkness, before you look to deep.) image

  • Blood Lords :drop_of_blood: (A pathfinder 2e campaign which I will run in 5e, The campaign is about being a politically interested troubleshooter in an undead nation. And maybe even become one powerful person yourself.)

  • Strength of Thousands :mage: (You are a student at the Magaambya, the greatest magic school in the Mwangi Expanse (Think Sub-saharan fantasy Africa. You are students here and later teachers, while dark powers are brewing outside. This is also a Pathfinder adventure path)

What we are playing depends on the wishes of the players, I’m open to all things. Please notify me what you are interested in by commenting with the corresponding emoticon.

As a dm I have dm’ed for about two years now mostly one shots. I like roleplay and investigative adventures. In V.A.L.U.E I have run a small investigative mini campaign in the Eberron setting. Another mini-campaign that I have run was Red Hand of Doom for VALUE, which now ends. Currently I’m also running Odyssey of the Dragonlords and have a lot of fun with that.

Some more infos

  • We will play in English as I’m used to it
  • This is not first come first serve
  • We will play in-person
  • Must be LGBTQ friendly
  • There might be homebrew, (If I look through it first)
  • I will try to play probably biweekly and on Wednesday depending on how our schedules match up.
  • If possible we start around December as I’m too busy before that.
  • New players are welcome
  • We will play an one-shot beforehand to see if we are compatible
  • I might go on pause during my exam times

If you have any more questions just ask me here or via the RPG Vienna Discord (BufoBufo). If you are interested write me a message (don’t forget the emoji) here or dm me.


would be interested

time/sceduling is the big question (as always sadly)

:drop_of_blood: & :sailboat: would interest me the most

edit: Wednesday would work

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Sounds great, especially :man_vampire: :sailboat: and :drop_of_blood:

Wednesday would be okay as well :slight_smile:

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I would also be interested if there is still room. All of them sound fun to me :smile: Wednesday afternoons are usually good for me

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Aaaa!! I would also very much be interested!! I’ve been looking for a dm for a while now :’> (together with nox dhdhd) :drop_of_blood::man_vampire::sailboat:


I’d be interested, if there’s still room :slight_smile:

My preferences would be :drop_of_blood: or :sailboat:

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@barpuncher @TheUglyGhostOfEast @Nox @SpaceLab @Darthbinks @Takanari

We will do a meeting online, and then a one-shot together to see if our playstyles are compatible. I will at maximum take 2 players as I am most comfortable with 4-5 players.


Sounds interesting, if you have a spot

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