DM looking for players (D&D 5e)

Hello everyone! My name is Fynn (19 they/them er/ihn) and I recently had to stop my Campaign. Since I do enjoy DMing from time to time I decided to create a post searching for 3 Players (I already have 1 player joining this campaign so there would be 4 Players in total).

I would be looking for people of the age of 16-21 years. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a experienced Player or not since I am willing to teach/learn. This is a homebrew Campaign, set in a high Fantasy/Medival world so no Steampunk Elements/Guns etc.

Please note that I have been playing D&D for 4 years, mostly as a PC, so my DMing can be chaotic sometimes. I am basically just looking to have a good and fun time while playing! I would like to play weekly/by weekly (or at least twice a month). The Campaign would be hosted in English which of course can be changed to german depending on who is going to play.


Hey there! I would love to join you! I do not have much experience tho :slight_smile:

Hey There
(m) 19 Germany
I would like to join your campaign
I rather experienced and im dming myself.

Hello! I (m, 22) am a total beginner in DnD, but i would really like to finally start my journey playing RpGs.
Will you be using the Rules of 5e?
Kind regards :smiley:

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