( DM looking for players) Acquisitions Incorporated is looking for new franchisees!

What is this?

This is a campaign I want to start based on the source book Acquisitions Incorporated:

Our intention with Acquisitions Incorporated was to bring dark office comedy to a world of swords, sorcery, dungeons, and (dare we say) dragons. This book, created in concert with Wizards of the Coast, sets you up for success in your own fantasy-business endeavors.

If you are reading this today you can also get this book for free on DnDBeyond for yourself to take a peek inside.

Who are you?

I’m @cat4laugh or Jonas if you prefer real names. You may or may not know me from the Friday V.A.L.U.E games!

If not: Nice to meet you. I have been DMing for ~3 years mostly here at rpgvienna and a little bit in private aswell. I am 21 years and don’t care about anyone’s age playing.
My DMing style is very Yes and based and improv heavy.

What can I expect here?

Our integrated Intern Success Pathway is a robust, unparalleled system for reliable growth year-on-year while maximizing your downstream.

Aquisitions Incorporated features a lot of decision making. Not in what contracts you can accept, or the fees you have to pay to your Corporate Overlords but in what Jobs you pick in the company, which NPCs you hire and how fair their wages will be.

Office banter will be at the forefront and mostly the reason for your adventures, the adventures themselves can be perfectly normal aswell, though how well you look after them depends entirely on which insurance package you picked.

AcquInc. fits into any setting so we will just pick one (aka Faerûn) or I will create one. We will do a session 0 for feel, character and franchise generation etc.

Sounds great let me in!

Initial plan is to be in person and on a weekly or biweekly basis.

If you think your Player Character would be great fit send your resume to cat4laugh#6119 on discord or reply here.
( you can also check in for any questions if you do not want to commit yet)

You can also join our server and @ me there if adding friends is hard


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