DM looking for one player to join our very new 5e homebrew campaign! (Found someone, thank you!)

We already found someone, thank you for your messages everyone!!
Hello lovely guys!
I’ve recently started a homebrew campaign, with a group I’ve set up on here, with our Session one planned for this weekend. Sadly one of our players had to quit on short notice due to schedule complications, so we’re looking for someone to join us!

A little bit about our campaign and me as a DM! I have been playing DnD 5e for around 3-4 years, mostly DMing for my friends, and Im looking to get into playing with a more committed group outside of my friends! The campaign will be set in a medieval fantasy setting with high magic, and strong importance of the custom pantheon!

If you’re interested in joining us, we’d love to have you at our table! We’re very beginner friendly, as our group is a colorful mix of experienced and unexperienced players! Message me if you’re interested (:

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hi! I’d love to join you! i’m 17, have played maybe an hour of dnd but i have a fully functional character that I’d love to play :smiley:

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Hi, thanks for posting!
Can you tell us a bit about what type of player (in and out of game) you’re looking for, or what type of game you run?

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