DM looking for group as player (26m French/British)

Hey all,

My name is Jamie (26). I posted here a while ago as a DM and was very successful in finding an amazing group of players. Ive had an amazing time running my own campaign but would love a chance to explore other people’s creativity. If anyone is running a campaign in English (5e/PF2e) and is in need of another player, hit me up? I make a mean beetroot chocolate cake (that’s all I can bake tho, so im not offering variety, just one really nice cake), enjoy printing and painting minis in case youre in need, and most importantly, I take notes!!

Hopefully I roll another nat 20 and find another awesome group of people here


Hey Jamie! I do not have a group (I arrived fairly recently to Vienna), but I am interested in running a PF2 campaign. If we can find a few more people we could start something :slight_smile: