DM looking for 5e homebrew campaign group!

Hello! I’ve been playing 5e for a few years now with my friends, and I’ve been looking to play outside my friend group more as I want to meet new people interested in RPG and Tabletop!

As the title says, I’m looking for a group of motivated people to DM a medieval high fantasy, high magic campaign for, bi-weekly! Ideally I’d be looking for 3-4 people, as I have one player already! We’d prefer people between the ages 16-25y.o, as we’re not too old ourselves!

Language wise, I’m open to DM in either english or german as I’m fluent in both, and I’ll adjust to whatever the groups majority settles for! We’re also very beginner friendly, aslong as you’re motivated to learn!! : )
I’d be happy to hear from you guys!


Hey Lalibellie,
welcome back to the Forum!
I started playing in around the same year as you did somewhere in 2019 I think?
(think I saw you post back in 2020)

Anyways just a DM looking to play again. I am 21 years old, personally a little more comfortable with English but also fluent in both.

Have a nice Thursday!


Hello cat4laugh! Thank you for your reply! Im surprised you still remember that haha, yes that campaign sadly dried up due to lockdowns and regulations! Thanks to most of that being lifted that we’ve been looking to get back into playing : )

We’d be happy to have you there for a pre-session-0 to just get to know everyone and see if the game chemistry fits/discuss preferences about the upcoming game! Do you have any other forms of communication like whatsapp or discord so we can move to a groupchat?

Also could you clarify if youre looking to DM or play? Im a little confused by the wording, my bad!

you joined our discord server yesterday so I will just hit you up there if you don’t mind ^^

looking to play


I’d love to join if you still have a spot :slight_smile: I’m a DM looking to find a place to try my characters I never got to play :smiley:

I did become 26 last Sunday, so if that is too old, I understand </3

Hello Alli! We are not a full group yet, but we are getting there! We’d love to have you there for a session zero! Like I asked cat above in the thread, do you have discord perhaps?


You should find me with this :slight_smile:

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I have only started playing Dnd last year, so I would still consider myself as an amateur, but I make up for that in my motivation to play. :wink:

I am always looking for new people sharing the same hobbies and interests. I am already 26 if that‘s still acceptable and I would prefer to play in german, but english is also fine.

You can contact me via discord: dnlbrgr#5233

Thank you for your reply! It seems we already have more players than we asked for, but if any one of those cancels, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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No worries! :hugs:

Welcome to the forum. If you like to meet people into the hobby I recommend the open V.A.L.U.E. games Fridays at cafe 1070 just announce your visit in the post.

Happy adventuring


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