Dirty Thieving Rats! RPG

Play as anthropomorphic Thieving Rats in a world ruled by Feline Feudal Lords and the Canine Kingdom!

●Rules Lite System
●Stealth based gameplay
●Rich Medieval Dark Fantasy Universe
●Steal Stuff

Location: Spielbar
Date: 5th March 2020
Time: 18:00
Length: Approx 2 hours
Number of Players: 1 to 6 (FULL. No seats available.)
Everything needed to play supplied

I’m Leigh!

It’s been a bit. I’ve written some stuff for Call of Cthulhu and now I need test rats for this game I made. Hope to see you there!

Does “Rats!” mean we’ll be playing Ratten! or is this a new game?

Either way, I think I’m in. See you!

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New game but I’ll definitely look at Ratten! Cheers. See you there.

Ratten looks cool and also a deep sigh of relief as it doesn’t look like I’m stepping on someone elses toes

Sounds fun. See you next Thursday.

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Also interested, see you next week!

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I’m interested but not yet sure if I can make it. So, uh, treat me like first on the waiting list for now? Don’t want to take away a spot from someone who can make it for sure.

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Not a problem. Let me know closer to date.

Rats! Not gonna make it, sorry. Wish you guys a fun evening, though.

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That’s cool brah. Next time.


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I’m doing some testing with some 9 year old children atm. (No spoilers, I promise) There’s a main quest but they got distracted and instead robbed a store as well as pick pocketed guests at a party. One’s in jail now. They love it.


Probably I’ll be late tomorrow, I’ll jump in when I’m around

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Such are kids these days - you let them to do what they will and they turn to crime!

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And what did their characters do?


Change of plans, I can make it. If you’ll have me. I’d also just listen in…

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Hey man. We’re at capacity but I MIGHT be able to include you.

Thanks for coming out guys! If you want to be mentioned as a test player let me know the name you’d like me to use.

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