December 5, Spielbar

Spielbarthursday. Canrunsomething. TBDTBDTBD.

Who’s in?

I am in for whatever it is

Might be in. Might be out. Sign me up for a maybe.

Ok in!

Most likely in

Alrik and H both there?

Almost sounds like an opportunity to pay my debts and offer that Narnia round I still owe the two of you…

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I am in depending on the time

I’d join if you still got space for me

What time btw? 7?

Ugh. Seems I got my dates mixed up and have to be at an event tomorrow. Even more embarrassing considering I put said event together in the first place …

Earliest I could realistically escape would be around 8, so I’m afraid I’ll have to miss this one.

Oh well. There will be a day when you both are there so I can come to pay my debts.

Today is a pretty stressful day and I think I might not show up after all. Slim chance but don’T count on me

So what’s happening?

Let’s try next week?

Aye, let’s see if next week can be a thing.

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