De-ionized Water

Hoping the collective wisdom of the list can tell me where I can buy deionized water.

This is different from distilled water.

Need it for a chemistry experiment for my son.


Have you checked Amazon? They should have it.

amazon has it :+1:

search for for “Deionisiertes Wasser” or “Demineralisiertes Wasser”

OBI once sold it, but they have only distilled water now

btw. maybe he could ask his chemistry teacher, if they have that in school
(probably yes)

Yes, Amazon. I was hoping for a bricks and mortar shop!!


How much do you need? I have a tab at work with deionized water. Could fill a bottle for you…


Yes, please!

Oh, Deionized Water! Here you go:

Oo, bad joke, bad joke!

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