D&D Playtesting night 5.9 - May the gods watch over you (?)

Hey :slight_smile:
I will take the pre-gen for today. I dont have the time i thought i would :smiley:
See you later! Looking forward to the new adventure experiment!

I came to Café 1070… will hurry to get to spielbar. Sorryyy

OK, I’ll bite. What was it? It’s probably something really obvious, but aside from snark, I’m drawing a complete blank here.

Actually, it was *** beep *** and *** censored *** - but it worked very well and as I percieved, the players quite enjoyed it. So I might run this on another occasion, when you are around, what do you say?

Nah, couldn’t be that. You said it was in all previous editions, and censorship wasn’t introduced until AD&D …

But yes, happy to play! Thursday, perhaps?

There was no censorship before AD&D? Under-age players might have met with a horrifying creatures, who smoke and consume alcohol? Preposterous!

This week it’s @irx turn with a Dread game

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