[D&D Next] Free dungeon crawls from Mithgarthr Entertainment

I stumbled upon these on the D&D Next subreddit and thought I’d share :smiley:

[spoiler=The Sylvan Temple]http://mithgarthrentertainment.com/downloads/ME051_-_The_Sylvan_Temple.pdf

"The Sylvan Temple is meant for 4-6 PCs of levels one or two. There is no grand story or plot to this dungeon; it is simply somewhere that exists close to town that has an air of mystery to it and PCs can choose to go adventuring in it if they so please.

This dungeon is easily plopped into any woodland setting in any campaign world."[/spoiler]

LvL 3 Party dungeon crawl
“Stonefast is a pretty straight forward dungeon crawl, headed by a young white dragon. Like the Sylvan Temple I posted, there’s no big grand story. But there are definitely baddies to kill whose stuff you can steal, so it’s got that going for it.”

[spoiler=The Goblin Caves]http://mithgarthrentertainment.com/downloads/ME052_-_The_Goblin_Caves.pdf

"The Goblin Caves is another smallish dungeon crawl for 5E, that is easily plopped into any campaign setting with whatever hook the DM wants to use.

Like the Sylvan Temple, this was written with the purpose of being a random adventure location that is placed in a sandbox setting, with no real purpose or goal, unless the DM wishes to add one. You will find that there is a clue given in this dungeon that references “The Haunted Tower.” DMs will need to either change this, design their own haunted tower setting, or wait until my “Rollingvale” mini-campaign sandbox is released."[/spoiler]

If you like these, I’ll update the post when more are released.

Nice, it seems to me like these would also fit nicely into the starter kit mini-campaign, depending of their level.

I was a bit disappointed by the second, sandboxy orc encounter. The lair was just described as one encounter.
It makes sense as they had to make choices, but I would have extended it into a small dungeon…

Anyway, thanks for posting that. I will definitely have a look at them!

I started a home-brew adventure with 2 friends and these come as a nice addition for some “hack and slash” action :slight_smile:

I like these kind of sandboxy option.

Your players don’t have to go, but it is there, they might hear rumors and it has nothing a priori to do with them and their quest.
It helps giving depth to the world, I think. It doesn’t resolve around the PCs…

Well I started a plot about a “red wolf clan” for 2 friends (halfling fighter and dwarf cleric)

long story short: small town gets harassed by goblins, and the PCs hear about it while staying the night at the Tavern - they investigate, find out that a little girl was missing for a few days, and goblins were sighted at night - they find the trail in the nearby woods, kill a few goblins they encounter - find the camp - kill the Hobgoblin boss and find the girl - in a chest they find a document that had orders for the goblins and was signed by a red wolf paw - end of the first session

They will be lvl 2 when they bring the girl safely back to town, and I’ll make the rest up as we go along - with the main plot tied to this red wolf clan.

I will probably spread rumors about these dungeons when I feel they can handle it - maybe even use the goblin cave for a bigger “story” encounter. With the DM PDF I can easily change the encounters for my 2 man party.

Seems like a bundle of fun. Good job!

thanks nice :slight_smile:

Cool! I just stumbled across this, and thought I’d pop in and say hi!

I’m glad you guys enjoyed these! I’d like to let you know that the Sylvan Temple and the Goblin Caves have both been polished up a bit, and will be in our upcoming “Adventures in Rollingvale” mini-campaign.

Here’s some more info for you: mithgarthrentertainment.com/1/po … etion.html

Make sure and follow us on Facebook (link on our website) if you want to keep up-to-date.

Thanks again for the kind words!