D&D newbie looking for group

Hello there :smiley:

Just today I opened the basis pack for D&D and I am super excited to dive in. I know about the Friday meetings and will definitely go there, before that Id like to give it a shot in a small group to try it out and get ready for the “actual actual” play. Sort of like a test drive situation for my brain.

Bit about me: I’m Ryan, 25, and moved to Vienna a year ago. I love stories and I think thats the main reason that D&D is calling me haha

Is there anyone who wants to do the intro campaign with me? Or is there a group that is looking for a newbie? My only thing is that its IRL, I basically live on zoom by now :sweat_smile: and it would be great to get out and meet new people face to face.


Haha this feels like shouting in a cave, but I’d like to give a short update nevertheless for people who might be lurking on forums like this not knowing what to do to start:

I gathered the courage to just go to the meeting on Friday and (apart from my “I have no character” situation which took half an hour off of everyone’s expected life expectancy) it was super cool - I can’t wait for coming Friday, thanks to all at the table for making it such a cool experience.


Glad to hear it went well - in general, come along to the Friday meetings, we are well practiced at getting new people playing if you come a little before the 1900 start time.

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