D&D - Lost Mine of Phandelver Group Gamma

Welcome to group gamma, aka the Team Jacob of D&D5 games.

Here is a link to a doodle to organise our next and first session:


so which day is it? today or one of the following days ?

Yeah I’d also like to know if we’ll meet today so I can plan accordingly.

I would second/third that, would need to do some planning based on when we are meeting. But I saw that we had more people showing interest in joining the group, so maybe Simon is trying to first figure out whether there would be a day fitting all (7?) of us. As envisaged, I can only join this week and then will be off for three weeks, so I would much appreciate if we could kick off this week :slight_smile:

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So is it possible to have/make a decision before 6pm today ?? don’t mean to be annoying but depends if i go home from work or directly there …

I think it would be better if we play tomorrow or another day, because it’s a bit last minute to decide to play today.

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Hello guys, sorry for the late response. I am just back from work :tired_face:

Alright, looking at the Doodle, I can’t really find a period that’d accommodate everybody… Maybe this Friday but then Crymson can’t join us…

Since Aryel, Crimson and Aehrel are the ones who can’t make it for one day this week, is it possible for any of you to change your plans to be able to come?

This Friday is fine for me…

i actually had to cancel my plans for this afternoon due to my work, which means i would have the time today at 19.30 … but that might be too short notice again :confused:

Thursday is kind of tricky for me, I probably won’t be able to come. Either today or Friday is fine though.

EDIT: I’m Aryel :slight_smile:

Okay well there would also be the option that we play both today and friday, this way everyone who was interested would have the opportunity to try it out. This mainly depends on Simon so I think he should decide if it’s better to do it today, friday or both.

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I would like to meet at 19.30 at the Spielbar this Friday (the 21st). But @Crimson_Skye does not seem available…
I don’t really like the idea of a player missing the very first session, but it might be the only day that works…

what about today simon? you have a yellow mark for today

edit: ohh and we could do this over whatsapp in a group maybe ? would make it maybe faster ?
just an idea …

If we can push back the start time to be past 19:30, I should be able to make it.

I will be coming back from Baden (am Wien) and will be driving. Gives me a bit more flexibility.

Otherwise, tonight also works for me quite well actually.

Just let me know.

@Aehrel - a WhatsApp group sounds awesome. I’d rather we all meet in person to exchange numbers though, don’t want to have mine publicly available via the forum haha.

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Sems like we are getting there, awesome! There is still the intriguing idea of meeting today AND Friday :slight_smile:

yeah i would be all for that, depends on simon i think

Both evenings? Good man - you are ambitious.

I meant to propose meeting either tonight or Friday, the idea had not occurred to me.

In theory, I could do both. I’ll again probably not make it for exactly 19:30 tonight, but should be back in time to not be more than 30 mins late.

This almost looks like a grassroots movement… :grinning: Of course totally up to Simon and his plans/availability, but a nice demonstration of our enthusiasm nonetheless.

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Alright things moved quite promptly while I was away!

Thanks @Crimson_Skye!

Hurm, people seem to prefer tonight actually.
Well, if it is not too short notice, especially for @Simonbou and @Kvothe… let’s meet tonight. 19:30, Spielbar.

If we haven’t heard back from them by, let’s say, 18:00 h, then we will postpone to Friday, also 19:30 also Spielbar.
Does that work?