D&D- Group gamma

He guys, I am back and here is the doodle to try to plan our next session:


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Here is the link to the doodle for the beginning of October…


Ok, who are we missing for the doodle?

so far, we have a few days that seem open. My understanding is that Friday is not good for Marcus?

Alright, so Sunday the 8 @ 15:00 at Marcus’ workplace

The new doodle is up!


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The new date will be Monday the 23rd…

Pity, I am out of the country again…

Sorry to hear that.
Maybe when you get back?

Yeah, I am gone 23-24 October and then again most of the following week. My availability is a bit patchy these days… Don’t get me killed guys :wink:


The new doodle for the next game(s)

Brand new Doodle straight from the Doodle oven.