D&D for beginners

UPDATE: We had a fun event and if you want to know when the next one will be check out

Hi everyone
In the past year I’ve had the pleasure to DM and play in multiple D&D groups and have seen so much happiness when people finally get to play after being curious about it or just having hear of it.
In addition to that I’ve been playing at a consumption free location where the owner is very interested in the game.
So with that we decided to host a little event for beginner players who want to try it out or haven’t found a group yet. So if you are new here or know someone that is dnd curious please let them know

On November 2nd we will run two sessions for anybody interested. You’ll find more information here:

The event is free and open to anybody :slight_smile:

People looking to get started
@delirians @Jaron @Gulaghausen @shone26 @Trunks @Mefisto
feel free to check it out


Is it possible to join later? Since I do have school till 17:00 pm at it takes me 25min to the mentioned address.

There are two sessions actually. You could join the one starting at 20:00

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