D&D Adventurers League - Eberron!

Hey guys, some of you may know me from AL already :slightly_smiling_face: Since I recently started DM’ing for AL as well, I wanted to ask if there is any interest in the following. With the new Season 8 of AL, the option of running adventures in Eberron was introduced, and I have an interest in trying out an AL table for Eberron.

What is Eberron? In short, it is an alternative setting or world in the D&D universe. The “standard” AL plays in the Forgotten Realms setting, which is a high fantasy setting (magic is powerful, legendary monsters are commonplace, and gods often intervene directly in mortal affairs). Eberron, on the other hand, is a pulp action or fantasy noir setting with steampunk influences (magic is used for mundane purposes, magic mixes with science in technology or is used in place thereof). To give you some examples: there is a playable race called “Warforged” which are essentially sentient war robots, there are magic-powered trains called “Lightning Rails” connecting the major cities in a high-speed travel network, and there are so-called “Dragonmarks” that give characters born with them special abilities - and that’s just some of the weird shit that’s going on in Eberron :star_struck: I like the vibe of the setting, so I would be interested in trying it out!

However, it is not straight-forward to switch AL characters between Forgotten Realms and Eberron. Eberron utilizes character options that are not available in the standard Forgotten Realms setting, so any character using those will not be able to play at a non-Eberron AL table. Some characters from standard AL might be eligible for Eberron, but it would frankly be a waste not to dip into some of the options Eberron provides.

In short, the rules for character creation in Eberron AL are:

  • Race and Class. The Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everyhting, Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron and bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins from Volo’s Guide to Monsters are allowed - all of them at once, without the usual +1 restriction of AL! However, no other alternative sources (such as Swoard Coast Adventurers Guide) are allowed.
  • Stats. Point-buy or standard array are allowed.
  • Other stuff. Essentially, all other rules of Season 8 AL apply. You can find the Eberron AL summary for players here: https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/ALPG_Eberronv11.pdf

Since this is all so different (rules as well as flavor) from our usual AL games, I would not run Eberron off the cuff, only if there is a demand and the willingness to make an AL character specific for Eberron. However, since I’m hyped about the setting, I’m also willing to run it as soon as the minimal requirements are fulfilled (i.e. at least 3 players) :grin:

So if any of you have an interest, or further questions, just let me know here!

I like the setting and I am certainly interested.

I am also interested! Would that be during the regular Friday meetup or an extra event?
I will try to read up a little on the setting but it sounds very interesting!

Edit: One thought about using a regular AL character: Since quite a few of us are still under level 5, we could just turn our char into an Eberron one with the option to keep the progress and turn the character back to a regular AL one if someone doesn‘t like it… That is meant as an encouragement to give it a shot :blush:

That’s true, until level 5 is reached we could handle it like this!

However, for just trying out there is also a “level 0” introductory adventure for Eberron AL. It’s a bit weird, but might also have it’s own charm. It uses 6 pre-gens by default that must be retired after the session and then go on to become NPCs used during the season ^^

I’d be interested as well.

By the way, since @mulog asked: I don’t know yet when I would run it, this would also depend on how many people are interested. If it is going to be a bunch, I would probably do it during the Friday AL games. If it is going to be only 3-4 players, I might do it Thursday instead to be able to run a full table of “standard” AL on Friday.

I am also interested. I like the setting and I have a bugbear built that I want to try.

I’d join as well :slight_smile:

it is forbidden to move characters between Forgotten Realms AL and Eberron AL … it is one of the few very clear statedments in the rules

Oh well, that’s probably for the best anyways ^^

Ah, didn’t know that. Thanks for the clarification. It makes sense once you start thinking about it…

yeah it’s mostly because of the magic item unlocks though … the other rewards are the same, but magic item unlocks are supposed to fit the setting … so there might be different things in the eberron adventures

well Id like to test the Eberron Settin out as well. However it depends very much on when you would host it. :slight_smile:

Eberron sounds absolutely crazy.
I’m in!

btw as a player i also would be interested, but i would need to get my hands on a wayfinders guide so i could actually peruse the eberron options :smiley:

I have already bought the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, so if we do this, I would start a bit earlier to make characters during the session :slightly_smiling_face: For the very first session, however, there are pre-gens for a “level 0” adventure that introduces the setting, as mentioned.

yeah that adventure gets destroyed in almost all reviews though for “butchering the setting”

I know, I’ve read the complaints. They fixed a bunch of it with an update by now. To be honest - anyone who doesn’t know the setting lore by heart would probably never have noticed most of it (whether that city is north or south of this lake or whether a member of that house could have likely inherited this item, for example).

true, but it makes me think they didn’t give a single fuck about quality

I like to think that these people are just very overwhelmed with workload and the reason why a lot of stuff looks unrefined is, because there is a misbalance between workload and staff as in most companies. But I’ve never checked how the company behind D&D is organized, so who knows?

People can also use the character creator and resources on my laptop, whenever I’m not using it. I think the character creator is very convenient even for people like myself who don’t have a lot of experience with the books.