D&D 5e Planning new campaign looking for a few more players


Hello Dear Friends,

been a while since i posted here since i had my plate pretty full and only managed to squeeze in one weekly dnd session.

Now that my schedule has cleared up AND i had an idea for a setting that i am convinced can make for some awesome adventures i am currently planning a new campaign that will take place in this setting of my own.

I have already picked up 3 interested players from the campaign i currently play in and 2 more players that are currently deciding whether or not they want to play so i am ONLY looking for 1-2 more players.

Now for the pitch: We will be playing in a high-fantasy setting in what you would call a more or less “standard” DnD world. The interesting part: The world is eliptic. This has only been discovered fairly recently by an alliance of dwarves, gnomes and vedalken that managed to build 7 giant lifts that reach the so called “underworld”. This underworld is mostly uncharted territory but has proven to yield some highly precious materials. This in turn has led to some political and economical changes that affect the world to this day. More details and questions can be revealed/answered here or via dm. I also plan to base adventures on the characters backstory and plan to due every PC’s backkstory justice.

If this sounds like something that might interest you here is what i am looking for: I want interested and COMMITED players. I dont want to start a campaign only to have it ruined by unattendance or disinterest (if that is due to my lack of skils that is something else). Especially because i want this campaign to last as long as i can make it.
The only other rule would be: Don’t be a dick! Sounds easy enough but for me that means that it is EVERYONES responsibility that EVERYONE enjoys themselves. If the group can’t work because of a single person i will have to intervein.
It does not matter to me if you are new to the game or a veteran. We have some veterans in the group and i myself have played for a good 2 years now. I have dmed a few oneshots but this will be my first big campaign. I consider myself to run a good game and feel confident that my own world will be a comfortable enviroment to flex my creative muscles. Since I am new’ish at dming i ask for your leniency onm the one hand and to correct me if i make an obvious mistake or you don’t like something at all since i want to get better as well.

Now for the logistics: The current players and I have currently targeted FRIDAY EVENIGS/NIGHTS as playtime (weekly). I KNOW this collides with VALUE games but this is hte best day for us. We have not decided on a location yet and this will be discussed once the group is fully formed.

There WILL be a session zero to give everyone a chance to see if this is what they were looking for to iron out obvious problems with characters/the world/my DM style/ or other stuff and to give everyone a chance.

I think this is already way to long so i will stop here.



Hey :wave: I’d be very interested in joining!! This eliptic setting sounds really, really cool and I’d love to see what you’re going to do with it.
I’m new to playing, started during the lockdown - but you said that would be fine…? Only problem is that I usually have to work the Friday night shift about once a month. If this is a deal breaker for you, I understand of course.

Cheers Lisalabim,

important stuff first: if everyone that i talked to confirms i already have 7 players wich is the absolut maximum group size i want. 2 players arent decided yet though so there is still a chance. i should know more next sunday and will get back to you as soon as i can!

I have no problem with new players and we will see if everyone can stand each other come session zero.

Will be in touch!


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Just saw this. If the 2 undecided players drop out or if things change after session 0 I’d be happy to join.

Duly noted will update this thread as soon as i can

Hello! : )
We’re two players that started playing about a year ago. We have a group of our own, in which we take turns DM-ing, but we would like to play together sometimes! We ware very hyped and interested in RPGs, especially DnD.
If there is still room for us, we would be happy to join you for the first session to see how things go!
Anna and Laura

Cheers to you both i guess :wink:

with both of you i would have a LOT of players. Tomorrow i should get replies from my 2 undecided players after that i will form chats so everything else can get figured out i am not against making a lil bit bigger session zero BUT that would mean that not everyone that joins can actually join the campaign proper.

BUT your interest is noted and once i get a reply from the 2 dudes im waiting on i will update here.

Thank you very much! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

@ari @Lisalabim @Thorin @Lalibellie


Alright so the tally is done the goose is cooked and we can start doing some real damage.

I have heard from everyone and including all interested players i have 10 people wanting to join the campaign. That is too many people. I thought about it and my solution at this point is this:

I will run a big session zero with all 10 people so everyone can actually get a taste of my dming and the group. AFTER that session we will form the actual group. I decided that i will at absolut maximum DM for 8 people wich is already a VERY big group (everyone that has played DnD can probably confirm that). So at the very least we would need to say goodbye to two people.

I also need to ask that everyone that attends is over 18 (sry for not clearing this up earlier if this is an issue). This is simply because i want to have the option to play into the night and not have to worry about minors missing their curfew :wink: This rule can be worked around if necessary but it would be my default.

As already stated we will be playing on fridays. Right now we are aiming for a regular starting time of 18 o’clock. It could be pushed to a bit later but not earlier. I want to play for roughly 4 hours each session with the option of ending a bit earlier or a bit later if required. I would like to run session zero the first friday of august if possible. Please tell me if that works for you.

WE ARE STILL MISSING A VENUE! If you have ideas/wishes please send them to me and once the chats are formed we can discuss with the group. (1070 unfortunately will be pretty crowded on fridays and i dont want to compete with VALUE nights there since i consider that bad sportsmanship)

Finally if you still want to join session zero i need a phone number and email from everyone that wants to join (please DONT post it here and instead PM me) because i want to form a whatsapp chat (if you dont use whatsapp thats fine but i still want to be able to chat with you) and want to send out material via mail. Please send these to me ASAP so i can start to send out material. and people can start to build their characters.

@Lalibellie pls make sure i have both your numbers/mail unless you use the same computer/phone :wink:

If anyone hasn’t send me their info unti 5th of July (next sunday) i will assume that your interest in playing is no longer there and we will go on without you.

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