D&D 5E: Looking for new players for new campaign (FULL)

Hello everybody my name is Patrick (he/him) I’m 47 years old and after running successfully two campaigns (Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden and The Wild Beyond the Witch light) to the end some players will not continue for different reasons, two player like to join the third campaign.

The new (prewritten) campaign I like to run starting around May is set in a Caribbean island themed setting. It may contain pirates, undead and spirits.

I’m looking for three new players any age. You should favour roleplaying and interesting characters over optimisation, having a cooperative playstyle and love roleplaying situations more than intensive fighting.

We would play every Monday evening 19.00 at my place not far from Cafe 1070 most times until 22.00 or 23.00 depending on mood and form. We will continue if one player is missing and do something else (e.g. boardgames) when two players don’t have time.

Until we start with my campaign there is the option to join a mini campaign before that.

You can meet me at the V.A.L.U.E. games or we can meet online before hand.


I would be interested in playing in your campaign. The premise sounds interesting. I would very much like to play in the mini campaign and see if I vibe with the group before I join. Especially since I’m already about to join a long running campaign and dont want to overcommit. But the time works very well for me and Im very much interested.

Hey there! I’m Illya, 24M and I would absolutely love to join the mini campaign. The play style you described sounds well matched with mine and I like the setting description.

If there’s anything you’d need to know about me please feel free to ask!

Hi @PatrickD
I am definitely interested and if ok also for you, count me in :slight_smile:


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