D&D 5E group co-op game (looking for co-DMs)

Hey people,

I have been laboring around on an unusual idea for a while now, and to pull it off I would require 1-3 additional co-DMs - maybe a few of you wounderful people would be interested? :smile:

The premise is this: I’m currently running the published D&D 5E adventure Out of the Abyss - with two parties in parallel, in the same gaming world. What one party does can influence what the other experiences, and the other way around. We are 6-7 sessions into the adventure with both parties, and both parties have collected different snippets to the puzzle of the adventure-defining great evil that currently plagues the world. However, the two parties have not met one another, so far. The events the two parties are currently uncovering have world-shaking consequences, which draws the attention of various factions. There is a big sort of “conference” of these interested factions that is supposed to occur about half-way through Out of the Abyss, where the adventuring party will be called, presented with possible faction assistance and additional information, and ultimately tasked with solving the problem.

Now, what do I have planned (and I use the term “planned” very losely here ^^)? I want to organize a session with both parties together, where they will meet one another, share the information they uncovered, negotiate with the rivaling factions, and devise a plan on how to defeat the great evil of the adventure. I would like to run this session with co-DMs playing the representatives of the various factions, negotiating with the parties in open meetings, but also in separate closed or even secret meetings. Each party may split and send their own representatives to these meetings as they please, and also discuss with each other between meetings. There will be events strewn in that can occur during and in between these meetings to spice things up.

I will devise the details on these events and prepare all necessary material for volunteering co-DMs. There are games where players play representatives of countries dealing with crises on the world stage that I plan to use for guidance. This will be a very unusual session of D&D, and it would definitely be a big experiment, but maybe some of you are up for trying it out? It won’t be anytime too soon that this session will go down, probably end of 1st quarter 2019 or 2nd quarter 2019 soonest, but it cannot hurt to start planning early for such an undertaking :wink:

In case you are interested, let me know!

I might be interested in that.

sounds interesting, if i can make time i would be in

Okay, cool, I will keep you two in mind and come back to you once my plans have become a little more concrete :slight_smile:

That sounds very interesting! If I can make the time and you still need a third DM, please let me know.

More is always better :grin: I will keep you posted!

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