Cypher One-shot


@AmLash was so kind an offer to run an one-shot of Cypher (we had more discussions about it here and you can even purchase some books at HumbleBundle, if you wish), if we organize this.

Here are his initial requirements:
"I would need:
-5to6 players
-someone to organise the date with a doodle
-6 hours of game time
-and @H 's peg leg

The adventure would focus mostly on the rules than the setting."

This someone, who try to organize things will be me, but before I make a doodle, please drop a comment here to see, if we have enough interested persons at all.
Also please consider, 6 hours are a bit long for a Thursday/Friday night one-shot game, so it will be probably on a later-determined weekend.

The adventure would be with pregenerated character stats and backstories. As a player you wouldn’t need to prepare anything.

I would be organising the location as well.

I’m in and I might even bring the peg leg.

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I’d be interested.

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Great! 2 more to go!

Maybe the original owner of the peg leg (@H) is also interested?

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So 1 more player and we can make a doodle to finde a date!

@S_journwhat do you say that we start looking for a date now and then we’ll ask around if 5th player has time. worst case beeing that we only have 4.

Well, I’m not good at managing my calendar, but I’d be glad to do some doodling with you guys.

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Cool Stuff! I had some time on my hands so I sent the doodle out already.

@S_journ looks like the 22.03. or 05.04.
up to you.

I’m the first to initiate and last to reply… sorry! I prefer 5.4.

05.04. it is then!
As this thread closes after 7 days without a reply, please pm me your e-mail adress and/or phone number. This way I can send you additional information and adventure background, as well as the location and exact time for the game.

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