Crystalline city

Also he is not dead:)

so we can still get a interaction between him and drong awsome

Yasss i didnt get to see his reaction if Issa took her mask off now i can!!! XDD

Not sure if this is good enough but
Tempa Pitch came from a unnamed village somewhere northeast of world maps’ forest. He had a normal life, had a girl he had a crush of, and folks over there loved his music. Unfortunately, a lightning strikes and the village was burned into ashes, leaving many dead as well. Currently, it is unknown who survived and who did not as he fell unconscious from a falling tree branch, saving two small forest gnome children.
When asking the folks in the nearest city he could find, many scoffed at him, saying how he was making stuff up for pity money. It was this moment he realized that no one would listen to his words. When he was shelterless for some days, he met others who were as well, they told their story of how they lost everything or had nothing to begin with. It was then Tempa wanted to spread all the tales of truth throughout his eyes can see, but he never provokes anyone to talk about it if they don’t want it. He may not be good at weapons and spells, but many knows the tales he has spread!

He is dealing with some PTSD, though because of his fallen ally (Good Boi) got revived, he is feeling a bit calm and collected. He hasn’t lost hope of escaping the city, not one bit, as he wants to spread the agony and calmness of the statue is became, hoping that maybe one day, they will be a cure for it. Though after he saw another dead, right front of his eyes, he is feeling a bit frustrated.

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This is Issas backstory i hope the link works and everything XDD


When Tempa saw the Second, he was nit nervous but tried to put a strong face, he tried to walk away from the scean asap but alas, Second found out he has valuable information. As Tempa was trying to be rational, he was choke to dead. He realized he was still… living? not dead? In his last attempt, thinking maybe he can help at least his friends out of the way, tried to get into the seconds soul but it was blocked. When his soul crushed, it felt like… nothing… his losing into… nothing, but he didn’t feel pain, happiness, or anything… just void.
In his last attempt, he looked at the party member and made one last joke “You could say, he was a roll model.” and then cease to existence, forever.

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Since Eldon the hunter/cleric died (don’t worry, I will keep his character sheet and will use him in other campaigns :wink: ), I had to create a new character. The new character is a Mountain Dwarf named Alberich Axebreaker, a totem warrior barbarian with the mighty owlbear as his totem (symbolized by going bear and eagle on Levels 3 and 6).

This is his backstory and how he joins the party: Alberich was born around 200 years ago in the high mountains where the Axebreaker clan resides. His father was one of the clan’s warriors and tought him the art of axe fighting, so that he could take over his position as the clan’s warrior and defender against the threats of wilderness, like hordes of yeti, which might appear during the cold season. He killed countless of yetis and other monsters to protect his clan and improved his battle skills over time, becoming a fearsome warrior, respected by everyone - but then fate struck and he fell victim to an intrigue and was falsely accused of murdering the clan’s leader to take over his position. He was found guilty despite not being the actual murderer and was excluded from the Axebreaker clan, becoming a clanless dwarf.

Burning with rage, he left the village of his clan and started wandering around in the wilderness. The only things he took with him were his beloved axe and his beard, which he says is by far the most valuable thing he possesses, it is even more important to him than his greataxe. Eventually he settled somewhere in the woods at the base of the mountains and lived there as a lone man, far away from any village. He spent lots of time caring for his beard and also often thought about getting back into his old clan, he sometimes felt a little bit homesick. Once, he even hiked up the mountains and tried to talk to the clan’s new leader, but was rejected despite the actual murderer had been found, because he was unable to control his still burning rage and shouted him into his face.

Back in the nature, he tried to calm down and get rid of the rage. Eventually he learned to use the power of nature in the form of the spirit of the fearsome owlbear to his advantage and realized that he could control the age with the help of that spirit, allowing him to actually use it to his advantage during combat. However, he still needed to do something to regain the trust of his clan before trying to get back to them.

He remebered that when he still was a proud member of his clan, there were rumors about a mysterious city inside of the mountain, which was said to be home to incredible richness in form of gold and huge crystals. If he could find that city, get some treasures and bring them to his clan - or simply tell them that the rumors were true and where the entrance is, he might get accepted again. So he started to search for caves and other locations which might hide a secret entrance, and eventually he found a huge room deep within a cave, and when he was investigating it, he suddenly noticed a strange breeze that shouldn’t be there, deep below the mountains with the cave’s exit being nowhere near to where he was, and followed it to find a partly crumbled tunnel, which was so dark, that even with his darkvision he couldn’t see anything. After lighting a torch, he could feel the heat of the flame but he was still unable to see anything. Carefully, using his greataxe to check the way in front of him, he advanced further - and suddenly, he was in Crystalline City.

He was impressed by the city - and felt that something was not right here. There were no inhabitants, only crystals. He walked around the city, and found a building that seemed to be a library. Before he could enter it, the Second appeared, power-word-killed him, took his weaponry and changed himself to appear as Alberich Axebreaker (remember the dwarf skeleton outside the library? ;)). However, eventually he was revived thanks to his strong will, the rage still burning within his soul, the power of the spirit of the owlbear and Silvanus the god of wild nature, who was impressed by how a little dwarf could use the powers of a beast as dreadful as the owlbear.

He eventually found his greataxe and his handaxes but not the javelins lying on the ground on the other side of the library’s entrance, and was glad that his beard was still as beautiful as it was before the fatal encounter with the Second. The library however was a ruin now, and so he carefully started to walk down the main street into the other direction, when he noticed a little dog which obviously tried to tell him something. It jumped up his legs, barked and them ran a short distance in a direction. That dog then lead him to the planetary, but was too scared to go in, so he went in alone, and saw a group of people, who were battling a man that had transformed into a dragon. He still was almost a mile away from them, but he clearly saw that the man, before he transformed, was quite similar in appearance as the second, so he concluded that those people were in the same boat as him - trying to defeat the evil Second, and ran after them to meet and join them eventually…

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So. I would suggest using this topic for the character epilogues for the survivors:3

Since i will be making a comic about Issa becouse i sayed i would do that nomather what happens i wont be doing to much of a what happens after story here.
I will be posting the start of the comic here probably too so yea XDD (And since i made you wait so long Resil here are some sadly unfinished sketches but yea XDD)


Did anything special happend after I left 'cause my character died? Or did you just land some hits against the 2nd to defeat him and then the campaign ended? :slight_smile:

@Semako We killed the Second but that was not the end of the campaign. Something else happened and only Issa, Hepta, Hamer and Valdyra escaped. So you did miss out on an interesting development.

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Oh also
UmbreonWarrior#2205 here is my DA you guys can add me and i can send ya links to the comic there too…might be faster and better there XDD
and a better chance i wont forget

Okay - but I guess I would’ve been a spectator only, as you can’t add another character in the middle of a fight. And I was really annoyed by how blindness was handled, and how my character ended… probably I would’ve killed the Second if I had another attack turn… I also had prepared some roleplay for my character for after the Second was defeated - as you might have guessed, my character actually wasn’t good aligned ^^

At least I can bring him (and my Bladesinger) back in other campaigns, I’ve already ordered custom minis for them :wink:

Actually, Hepta also died in that fight, and yet she walked away in the end…

About the blindness: I guess we have to agree to disagree on this part bc the ruling here seemed sensible to me.

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Yeah, I actually fully expected my character to not survive at that point. I had like 7hp left. But it seems that the city resurrected me, at least that’s what I think. Or maybe my undead body now shambles around the world. Would have to rewrite my epilogue for that, but it would be a nice idea.

I also agree with Aldernari about the blindness thing.

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Your body didnt get time to decompose yet. So you are technically undead, but visually mostly same as if you were alive (*except for a hole where the finger of death hit, on the left side of the chest)

I understand. Everyone gets a disagreement with a DM once in a while.:wink:

Valdyra’s story (before and after the Crystalline City):
Valdyra was a child of the Green River tribe, growing up in a land of tall mountains, deep forests, and swift rivers. She was a good student and a good teacher, fast to learn new things and eager to share them with others. Even at a young age, she loved to take care of the tribe’s children. When she was 16, she was chosen as a ritual observer (an honour usually bestowed upon older and more seasoned hunters). Far from the tribe’s camp she secretly watched over a group of younger kids who were undergoing a test of skills. All went well until the fourth morning when a group of orc warriors suddenly attacked. Valdyra rushed in to protect her charges, calling on the Spirit of the Bear to lend her strength. But even so she was struck down and left for dead. When she finally awoke, she found a dozen dead orcs and one dead boy. She took the child back to the tribe and vowed that she would find and return the others as well. It was a long and frustrating search. Eventually, she found one of the girls dead, and the other boy alive, but imprisoned and forced to fight beasts for the amusement of a decadent city. She freed him and sent him back to their homeland and took up the search again. After hunting down and killing a part of the orc band, she finally found a trail that led her to the sprawling metropolis of a tyrant king where the last girl was kept like a pet in a golden cage. Unable to free her alone, Valdyra went to look for aid, but realized that she would need money. The expedition to the Crystalline City should have been a quick adventure with a big reward. Instead she got stuck there.
The events that led to the final destruction of the city and her escape left her bewildered and reeling. She bade goodbye to the other survivors and returned to the tyrant’s metropolis. But she found only overgrown and forgotten ruins. A local historian finally told her that the cruel king had been killed 500 years ago in a revolution. The city had been burned down and abandoned. Shocked by this revelation, Valdyra returned to her homeland. But her tribe was gone, the only trace that remained were the Caves of the Ancients, their sacred burial grounds. For a while, she wandered through the forests alone, meditating on all that had happened, mourning the loss of her family and the children. Then one evening the Spirit of the Bear appeared before her, leading her to a clearing with a small hut where an old woman with a crown of holly awaited her…


So this took me way too long. Here’s a rough sketch of her, for those who are interested ;).

When Hepta had entered the Crystalline City she had come here for adventure, knowledge and riches. Something one would tell tales about and brag to one’s siblings at family reunions. The type of tales that would impress others, and make her stand out amongst her numerous successful siblings. At least that was the plan in the beginning. She didn’t account for traps fuelled by time magic, the crazed inhabitants, an undead mage and the conscious heart of the city itself.

After escaping she emerged a different person that she was before, both mentally and physically. The events that had transpired, such as seeing multiple of their comrades die in gruesome ways, would have mentally scarred anyone. For Hepta there was another problem she realized days later, or rather allowed herself it realize it. She felt different, removed from herself as if she was floating five feet above her own head, she lost most of her basic needs, and the spots where the necrotic magic of the second had hit her wouldn’t heal no matter what magic she used.

As much as she disliked to acknowledged it, she was undead. First the second had brought her back, then the city attempted to take her soul, and then something else had raised her. What exactly she didn’t know. But considering the fact that she still possessed her powers it must have been something good or at least connected to the divine light she served and at least she had some free will, or at least she hoped she did.

It made returning home impossible, however. She had been gone for centuries, her older siblings were probably dead or grandparents. Returning in this state, still being around the age she left and any explanations she would be able to give sounding like crazy dreams, were some some problems she had to face. Feeling a deep restlessness she decided instead to continue travelling, trying to find a new sense of identity in a world that had moved on without her.


@BufoBufo Hey, probable follow-up adventure: Hepta’s deity sends her on a mission. If she succeeds, she will be alive again :wink: