Crystaline City charakter (Issa) gets a COMIC!?!?!

Why yes like i sayed Issa is getting a interactive comic!!! ^^

Issa after breaking up with her group with the few who got out of the Crystaline city she went her own way when she suddenly got knocked out and woke up after what must have been hours…maybe days who knows…she wakes up in a strange place she doesnt know and she doesnt remember anything that happened…or … her name.

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If you do not have a DA account you can either make one or we can figure something else out like Discord messages or just private messages from here ^^


This also is the reason why i havent been there on any fridays really becouse i have been either working on this in the background or doing stuff with my familie so i hope after finally starting this i can get back to playing on some fridays XDD