Creating my first adventure

Hello there,
I have been in this community for a little over 3 months now and while playing and DMing on fridays has been fun for me personally. I can’t help but to want something a little more permanent. So I am going to create my first campaign but before you read any further and waste your time let me set some ground rules.

  1. No Min Max characters
    Look, I get it. You like decking out abilities and search for that op stuff. But I would ask you to please refrain from your sorlocks, padlocks and bladesingers. I want you to build a character that you are interested in. We will have a session 0 of course. But I am getting this out of the way first. I will of course incorporate fights but I would prefer to keep it a roleplay heavy session. If you multiclass I want you to be able to explain it. Build your character around funny quirks not stats. Have the character in mind first. Then build it.

  2. It will be chaotic
    I have only dmed oneshots so far. I have never truly written my own campaign. If there is a mistake you are free to call me out on it. Actually do it right then and there so I can fix it immediately but I am not matt mercer. (this point might seem obvious but I am just trying to lower expectations)

  3. There will be some homebrew
    There will be homebrew rules I use. For example that you don’t get longer than 60 seconds to think of what you are doing in a combat turn and the like. I feel like there is a lot of good stuff out there and I want to give it a try.

Alright. I guess you can’t be scared off that easily! Well then let’s see what this rp heavy adventure might entail for you. These are some themes that I have come up with and would like to encorporate into the adventure:

  1. Frozten
    You are not really sure how it happened. But 10 years ago an ice age has spread across the globe and many societies (especially low magic ones) have been struggling to survive. You start out in one of those and try to make your way to a warmer place.

  2. Ascension
    Pretty much what the name implies. You are trying to dig into the world’s forgotten spell list. A very magic focused adventure.

3.and more. I just don’t want to spam the thread.
I am also open to suggestions!

One last thing. I’m looking for fairly active players. Unless there is big holidays I want to dm almost weekly if all goes well. Either somewhere around the weekend or on thursday evenings.

If you are interested please reply here, or come onto the discord server I created (and will organize later on)

Update: Still 2 slots open for Thursday’s if anybody is interested. It will be the first scenario